Orestes Barbero, the contestant who "benefited" the most from the unfair rule of "Pasapalabra"
  • Rafa ‘snatches’ Orestes the biggest jackpot of Pass word with an epic donut
  • The money that Rafa will pay to the Treasury after winning the jackpot Pass word

Orestes Barbero closed this Thursday his impressive career in Pass wordafter his participation in 360 deliveries. The man from Burgos leaves the contest, but not because he has been eliminated in The blue chair, but because the bases of the program establish it. When one of the contestants manages to win the pot, his rival is automatically eliminated and the play-off disappears.

This rule, the most unfair of the program, has always existed and no one has ever considered the possibility of modifying or withdrawing it. For this reason, when Antena 3 recovered the rights to the format, it was one of the first questions that EL CONFI TV raised with those responsible. The answer was clear: the norm will continue in force in this new stage and we have been able to verify this throughout these almost three years.

It would not make sense for Orestes to continue to fight for a pot that is less than the money already accumulated.

According to Carlos Adamone of the historic contestants of Pasapalabra, “before they put ‘La silla azul’, the contestant who lost the program went home and the same thing happened when one of the two solved the donut correctly. One won and the other as a loser left the program“.

Orestes and Roberto Leal, together with Rafa Castaño. (Atresmedia)

“When the show established ‘The Blue Chair,’ in July 2015, It seemed strange that the loser, in the event that the other took the pot, did not have the right to return“However, there is a very logical reason to maintain this rule. According to Adán, “it would be absurd to hit the 25 words of the donut to win the 6,000 euros of the new jackpot, because the contestant would automatically lose the amount of euros accumulated up to that moment. The best option would be to fail on purpose to compete again the next day, and the following ones, until the jackpot grows.”

The usual thing to date was to start the program with a jackpot of 6,000 euros or even a larger amount if a special competition was held in between (Jackpot Masters). However, at this stage, Antena 3 has significantly raised the starting jackpot to 100,000 euros. This is what happened after the boats of Pablo Díaz (07/01/2021) and Sofía Álvarez de Eulate (09/27/2021), and everything suggests that the new boat of Pass word It will start this coming Friday also with 100,000 euros.

Javier Dávila, in his last stage on Antena 3. (Atresmedia)

This fact has thrown to the ground the logic of the questioned rule in some cases. The lawyer Javier Dávila, for example, was forced to leave Pasapalabra with 26,400 euros (76 deliveries) and Marco Antonio, with 31,200 euros (55 deliveries). In these cases, both contestants would have had no problem in continuing to compete in Pasapalabra, since the new jackpot was higher than the money they already had insured.

Marco Antonio, in ‘Pasapalabra’. (Antenna 3)

The case of Orestes

The case of Orestes Barbero supports the existence of the questioned standard. The man from Burgos leaves the program with 215,400 euros, a juicy amount that he has been able to accumulate during the 360 ​​programs in which he has participated. The contestant, who became known during the stage of Pass word on Telecinco, he rejoined the contest on October 1, 2021, so that he has practically seen the jackpot of 2,272,000 euros that his rival and partner, Rafa Castaño, has finally won.


Without the controversial rule, Orestes would have to fight for a pot of “only” 100,000 euros, that is, a prize that is much less than the money that you already have insured. It would be very strange, therefore, if the contestant was going to leave his skin every afternoon to ‘lose’ money. As we have already said, the contestant who completes the donut gets the jackpot, but not the money that she has accumulated during her stay on the program. In cases like yours, the contest would have to modify its rules and it is not something that those responsible for the format have on the table right now.

Thus, it could be said that between Javier Dávila, Marco Antonio and Orestes Barbero, the contestant who “benefited” the most from this rule has turned out to be Orestes. As unfair as his departure from Pass word, it wouldn’t make sense for her to continue as a contestant. There is no doubt that the man from Burgos will continue to be linked to the format as a historic contestant in special competitions, but his stage

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