MEP minister affirms that comment about "cristal generation" was not pejorative

( Katharina Muller, Minister of education, assured in the Special Human Rights Commission this Thursday, to which she was called to appear, that the comment related to the term “crystal generation” that he launched in an interview on Monday, never had a pejorative intention.

The clarification was made by Müller after Antonio Ortega, a representative of the Broad Front, who explained if his statement had any kind of derogatory intention to the current generation.

No, of course not, how…? I am here for the children and young people, it is for them that I am not here, I do not have any other type of agendaWhat I do know is that these children have been greatly affected during this period of the pandemic, even with the fear of the evaluation, this… the violent reactions that are taking place in educational centers, the way in which they address the teachers, sometimes there is a lack of respect, so the teachers complain then if we need to enter…”, Müller replied.

Initially, the deputy mentioned the comments he made during Repretel News, indicating that generally when mention is made of the crystal generation, it has been heard “precisely from people who reproduce hate speech, on social networks and in different spaces for the empowerment of people who fight for their human rights”.

“I I have seen your comments about itI I think that depends on what you define as a crystal generation.this generation has been hit hard by the pandemicall we had situations of being in confinement and being with stress with the tension and that has definitely affected the boys and girls and young people, and what we have now as a responsibility is to strengthen them”.

“No one is discriminating against any rights in any way, that is an interpretation that has been givenwhat we are talking about is that young people need to be empoweredbut within a framework of respect, a framework of respect also towards teachers as it has always been done”, replied Müller.

The legislator also questioned the fight against bullying that he leads in the MEP, in which the chief insists that the self-esteem of minors must be strengthened; Despite this, Ortega asked the following question “Don’t you think that what you’re saying isn’t a bit normalizing bullying?“.

“I have not said that the other actions be carried out, what I have said is that You have to start with a topic of improving self-esteem because a boy, a girl with good self-esteem, does not allow himself to be affected so much by bullyingI have had to talk to children who feel very depressed because they are called four eyes, for example, right? What I feel is that working with self-esteem improves their ability to discriminate when it really is who have to react and when not”.

“That does not take away all the other actions that we are doing, right now we are with the United Nations, planning a good investigation on the issue of violence, because there is not really an investigation that tells us what the causes are, what are the reasons that are it is generating so much violence,” Müller said.

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