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As in 2019, (“Use of public money”, LA GACETA, 03/09/20) the election of 05/14/23 will once again put those responsible for the accounting areas of the municipalities benefited by the non-refundable funds, in the difficult and risky mission of having to justify expenses and works, not incorporated into a budget previously approved by the deliberative body, which includes own resources and co-participation, transferred by the provincial Executive according to current regulations. I believe that on this occasion and due to the amount of the transfers, the mission will mean a high risk for the accounting technicians, because the suggestion of a legislator (LA GACETA, 3/14/23) to a municipal chief from the East is eight times superior to the economic resources that the same politician arranged in 2019, since at that time they barely exceeded six hundred million. Despite such financial support and without internal opposition, on 06/09/19 the candidate was barely able to incorporate two councilors to the deliberative body, a situation that exposed the impossibility of obtaining the eight ediles necessary to pass the exam represented by the “right”. Investment Account of that period, that is why the people, through the fees and contributions, had to “provide” the six that were missing. In the current scenario of transfers, the mathematical projection shows that the risk of both the Mayor who signs the elevation of the expense report, as well as the technicians who prepare it, will be 8 times more complicated than that of 2020, because it will be a whole odyssey to try to incorporate into the document, the “investment” in street parades, graffiti on walls, transportation of militants, financing of collectors, etc., non-existent items in budget jargon. This compromised scenario could lead technicians to threaten to resign from their positions, as happened in 2020. So the volume of transfers not only complicates the attempt to hide them, it also carries the tremendous risk of denunciation, due to the number of participants. in the maneuver. The intention of putting a relative as guardian of the previous management does not justify such an adventure.

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