First reactions of Evil Dead: Awakening

Horror fans and slasher They are living their best moment. A few weeks ago the furor was breathed by the sixth installment of scream and viewers left the movie theaters quite pleased. Now prepare to receive Evil Dead: Awakeningand judging by the first reactions, it seems that the good streak continues.

At the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival in Austin, it was screened for the first time Evil Dead: Awakening to a handful of movie fans and critics. Fortunately, his comments were not closed by any embargo and several members of the specialized critics were already able to share his opinion. In fact, it has debuted with 100% approval on the site Rotten Tomatoes.

The group of attendees affirms that it is the most violent film in the saga. But that has not lost its large doses of black humor for that reason. The reactions are unanimously positive and many appreciate that the film is finally predestined for a theatrical release and not through HBO Max as originally planned.

First reactions of Evil Dead: Awakening

For example, Joe Leydon of Variety, states that “(director) Lee Cronin offers his own imaginatively terrifying take on the mythos of the Book of the Dead. (The actresses) Sullivan and Sutherland easily establish their credentials as scream queen”.

For her part, Meagan Navarro, from bloody disgusting, says that this installment is not as nihilistic as the previous one, although he assures that the intensity has not decreased at all. “It opens up the possibilities of the franchise and installs the sincere hope that it won’t have to be another 10 years for the next one.”

Jacob Hall, of slashfilm, describes it as a “hyper-violent tour in a house of nightmares.” Many other comments also highlight its quality of being certainly reinventive, now that the setting where the action takes place is different. Still others add the term “claustrophobic”.

“The film achieves a lot, especially when it comes to body terror and gore,” says Katie Rife from the site of roger bert. But it is above all on social networks, where the public has expressed its opinion freely about the feast of blood, terror and viscera that it was able to see on the screen.

“MORE THAN TERRIFIC AND AMAZING. A very VIOLENT horror movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat and beats you up. It’s not just another scary movie, it’s one of the BEST movies ever! WOW. A fitting end to your journey, while also setting you up for what’s to come.

evil dead rise It’s an instant horror classic, with blood and gore to spare. Excellent work by director Lee Cronin, honoring the legacy of Sam Raimi and breaking new ground at the same time. YOU ARE NOT PREPARED FOR THIS. Don’t watch it alone. Congratulations to all involved.

I almost forgot that evil dead rise it was about to be a movie that would come straight to HBO Max. It would have been a huge waste… I’m glad it’s where it belongs, on the damn BIG SCREEN. You will not have a crazier public experience, do not see it alone.

“It had been a long time since a gore festival like this had been seen in theaters. Claustrophobic, grim, and evil as hell, this new entry is a crowd-pleaser going straight for violence. It will make you cringe in places.”

“He maintains the spirit of Sam Raimi and, at the same time, brings new ideas. The deaths are incredible and will surprise even the most dedicated fans. It is not as comedic as the previous ones and it maintains a harsher tone, which makes it stand out within the franchise.

“Holy mother of hell. evil dead rise it’s disgusting and twisted as f*ck, it LITERALLY TEARS. It continues the style and tone of the 2013 remake, while offering some interesting twists. Lee Cronin is a force in directing, but it’s Lily Sullivan and Alyssa Sutherland who run this circus of carnage.”

We are certainly very excited. Evil Dead: Awakening It will hit Mexican movie theaters on April 20, 2023.

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