Even in the best families: 5 relatives who faced each other at WWE Wrestlemania

Wrestlemania is WWE’s letter of introduction, because it is the most important event in the entire company and He has to prepare the best fights and rivalries.

So, the creative department is in charge of carrying out these rivalries in advance to reach the climax at Wrestlemaniaalthough the bet does not always work out for them.

But that of rivalries not hitting is another separate issue, the thing is that, there are others that work perfectly and a popular one is that of fights between relatives.

WrestleMania 39 Logo
Wrestlemania XXXIX logo – Photo: Screenshot

Yes, families fighting at Wrestlemania, something that many do not agree to start with, but, with a few extra bills from WWE on their checks, as they end up accepting.

And when it comes to fights between family members, WWE has never disappointed and for wrestlemania XXXIX They are preparing one of those that paint to be historical for many things.

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Rey Mysterio in NJPW -Photo: Getty Images

5 family fights that have occurred in WWE Wrestlemania

Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart

No one can deny that the Harts are one of the most respected families in WWE history. and the members who were in the company already paid off in a big way.

Bret and Owen stood out more than the rest, the first was the top star of the company and second, he was one of the most interesting characters ever created.

Both were technically the best that WWE has ever seen and the company decided to face them at Wrestlemania X. It was a battalion, one of the most remembered and epic fights in history.

Undertaker vs Kane, supernatural family in WWE

Technically they are not brothers in real lifebut the story that people in WWE created was that Undertaker had a brother and it ended up being Kane.

kanethe so-called ‘Red Machine of Destruction’ faced Undertaker and made him lose to Shawn Michaels in a Hell in a Cellthen their rivalry continued until Wrestlemania XIV.

We know Undertaker was undefeated at Wrestlemania, so he won the match, but it wasn’t his only match at the biggest event, because at Wrestlemania XX they met again with triumph for the ‘Dead Man’.

Vince McMahon vs Shane McMahon, the battle of owners in WWE

The McMahons have always been very close in the ring, so much so that they have gotten into the ring on several occasions, one of them at Wrestlemania X7 and he was a fighter.

To begin with, it was a street fight, that is, without disqualification and to be able to hit each other at ease with everything they had at hand. Shane McMahon beat his father and earned the respect of the fans.

Hardy vs. Hardy

Jeff and Matt are a pair of brothers who dreamed of fighting in WWE, they achieved it and they became a legendary couple. They also shone alone, but the company was looking for something more.

Wrestlemania 25 was approaching and to celebrate the silver anniversary of the great event, well they made Matt come out to betray Jeff and it will cost him the WWE title.

They met at Wrestlemania 25 and it could not be otherwise than in an extreme fight, which made this pair famous. Matt was the winner, but the memories of that fight are indelible for fans.

Rey vs Dominik, the battle of the Mysterio in WWE

The most recent of the family rivalries in WWE and that is, they have already made history for being the first father-son to win the titles as a couple.

The fight is not official yet, but will be made and will be part of the billboard for Wrestlemania XXXIX. They parted ways months ago and have had a pretty good rivalry ever since.

Dominik is making an incredible rude character, he is one of the most hated and Rey Mysterio will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, so it could be one of his last fightswhat better than against his son, it will be like passing the torch.

Domink Mysterio with the Rey mask
Domink Mysterio with the Rey mask – Photo: Screenshot

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