Debate in ZDF Talk: Lanz surprised by Africa’s rejection of Tesla – CDU man enlightens him

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As China’s influence in Africa grows, Germany is lagging behind and losing competitiveness. On Wednesday evening, CDU politician Joe Chialo made it clear at “Markus Lanz” where, in his opinion, German politics had failed. He also called for the abolition of development aid.

In Africa there are raw materials such as lithium and cobalt, which make the German energy transition possible in the first place. The fact that the continent is becoming increasingly important in the world has not gone unnoticed in Germany either. Markus Lanz therefore called Africa the “continent of the future” on Wednesday evening.

His two guests, political scientist Dr. Melanie Müller and CDU politician Joe Chialo, too. However, both agreed that German work in and with Africa had to be greatly improved in order not to become irrelevant in competition with other countries such as China and Russia.

In this context, however, CDU politician Chialo warned against the arrogance of German politicians: “Since digitization in Africa, we have had a completely new marketplace. But these stories don’t happen here in Germany at all. Through the logic of power, Africa is seen as a place where we only ask ourselves: ‘Where can we, with whom and how?’”.

In an interview with the ZDF moderator, he therefore called for a real strategy for dealing with Africa: “I would like it if you said more clearly what you want.” In this context, the politician even called for the abolition of development aid.

Lanz surprised by the rejection of Tesla: “Just said ‘no'”

Joe Chialo explained on Wednesday evening: “This auxiliary logic does not take into account Germany’s interest logic. I want Germany to abolish development aid. It’s bloated and it’s no good.”

At the same time, he criticized Germany’s value-based foreign policy and warned: “We are not in a position to stand there with a raised index finger. Germany must spell out clearly what the interests of the country are.”

In an interview with Markus Lanz, he made it clear that Africa should have more self-determination and personal responsibility. In this context, the ZDF moderator spoke about a plan by the Tesla company to enter into a partnership with Nigeria because of the high lithium deposits. “And they just said ‘No’,” said Markus Lanz in surprise.

Joe Chialo was not impressed by this and explained with a serious look: “For me, this shows that the African states also want to take on their own responsibility and that we in Europe are not allowed to think everything through to the end.”

Africa expert Dr. Melanie Müller: “China has systematically expanded its influence”

The relationship between Africa and China was also a topic for “Markus Lanz” on Wednesday evening. Africa expert Dr. Melanie Müller said: “I think China has really managed to systematically expand its influence over the past 20 years.”

Thanks in particular to major construction projects and the generous granting of loans and grants, China has developed a “close connection” with Africa. “It’s China’s industrial power, which also entails dependencies for us,” says Müller.

Markus Lanz agreed and added why Africa is currently so exciting for countries like Russia, China or the USA: “It’s about power, security and natural resources. China recognized this early on and is making many countries dependent on itself. Russia, on the other hand, wants to use the continent to position itself against the West.”

However, CDU politician Joe Chialo made it clear that Germany in particular had slept too long in relation to Africa: “There was only now a wake-up call in Europe about the Ukraine war. Many African states have shown themselves to be neutral. Now people are starting to question the whole thing and that is putting Europe under pressure. We have a very big problem there.”


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