Chainsaw Man Finally Introduces His Most Powerful Villain

A powerful new villain has been introduced to Chainsaw Man who plans to terrorize humanity.

A powerful new villain has been introduced in Chainsaw Man.

After a period of supposed “calm and quiet” for Denji in Chainsaw Man, the situation is about to enter a phase full of chaos and hopelessnesssince the arrival of one of the most powerful villains that have been introduced in the series has been heralded, since everything seems to indicate that this Demon is the representation of the prophecy of the end of the world that had been revealed in previous chapters.

As the story of Chainsaw Man has developed, a large number of powerful villains have been introduced into the series, all of whom have wanted to spread chaos and darkness everywhere, some have even gone after Denji and Pochita, as they wish to take down the Chainsaw Demon once and for allsince Pochita is the staunch enemy of most of these evil entities.

But the plot is about to take an unexpected turn, since it has been introduced to the most powerful villain to date, which has been classified as a primal fear, which means that it is a Demon endowed with great power and unique abilities. Next, we tell you the details.

This post Contains spoilers from Chapter #123 of the Chainsaw Man manga.

Chainsaw Man’s most powerful villain has been introduced

The powerful new villain of Chainsaw Man has appeared

The powerful new villain of Chainsaw Man has appeared

The events in Chainsaw Man have left fans of the series in suspense, since the situation has become extremely chaotic and gloomy, since the arrival of the worst demon to date has been heralded, which will apparently kick off a spooky apocalyptic setting.

An urban legend has been gaining strength in Chainsaw Man, a situation that has concerned Public Security that has been given the task of investigating such an eventso he has assigned this mission to Yoshida who has summoned Kiga, the Demon of Famine to obtain information about it.

However, the controversial prophecy of Nostradamus that was being investigated by Yoshida, could have been anticipatedSince Kiga has told the Demon Hunter that various evil entities will come to Earth to sow chaos and terror, which envisions a gloomy and apocalyptic environment that Denji will presumably have to take care of. In fact, while both are meeting, one of the first threats has made an appearance.

This powerful new villain who has been introduced in Chainsaw Man, is the Demon of the Fallwhich in just moments has turned humanity upside down, causing a wave of suicides, since it takes advantage of people’s negative emotions and past traumas to plunge them into eternal depression, throwing them into the abyss.

Apparently, it is a primal fear which shows that it is a entity full of evil and enormous power almost similar to that of the Demon of Darkness, which proved to be almost invincible. In addition to this, this entity is the representation of a highly fatalistic prophecy, which shows that it comes with the intention of ending humanity in its entirety, this being the beginning of an apocalyptic and chaotic phase.

This Demon, upon arriving on earth, has wasted no time, since it has generated enormous chaos, since it has caused mass suicides, and has taken advantage of the traumas of the inhabitants to plunge them into great misery which he seems to be enjoying, demonstrating the sadistic and grotesque personality of this powerful villain who has just appeared.

The Fall Demon's power is so great that not even Yoru can help Asa Mitaka

The Fall Demon’s power is so great that not even Yoru can help Asa Mitaka

The scope of the powers of this Demon seems to be abysmal, since even Asa Mitaka has been trapped in the midst of the chaos caused by this primal fear, since it finds preventing Yoru from entering Asa’s body to help her to escape from this terrible situation.

Everything seems to indicate that Denji will have to face this primal fear, and the next threats that are on the way, since they plan to end humanity and plunge the world into total darkness. However, this situation, it might not be so easy, given the scope of this Demon’s powers that in just moments has wreaked great havoc.

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