Before I ignored it and now I see that it is the most profitable streaming platform: Apple TV + "pays for itself" if you know how

A few months ago I was speaking on Xataka Móvil about How Apple TV+ went from being my favorite to considering unsubscribing. And guess what? Indeed, the tables have turned and I have ended up seeing that what then held me back in the service has ended up gaining even more weight. And on top of that I have discovered great jewels that I did not know about.

A catalog that hides great jewels

It has always seemed to me little objective to qualify platforms for the quality of their series. And in fact, I do not intend here to make an objective criticism of the quality of the Apple TV + catalog, since in the end it is something that everyone must assess based on their preferences.

That said, from my point of view Apple has known getting closer to HBO Max than Netflix. And this has two connotations. The refusal is in relation to Netflix, since its catalog is far below in terms of quantity and this was precisely what in its day made me back from Apple TV +. The positive, in reference to HBO Max, is that He has managed to create his own label in terms of the quality of their films, series and documentaries.

Obviously, I don’t like all the content and I doubt that there is someone who has not only seen one hundred percent of the catalog, but also liked everything. Leaving this evidence aside, in proportion I have found much more interesting content than in other. And here obviously I mention series such as ‘The Morning Show’, ‘Separation’ or the many times awarded ‘ted lasso‘. But there is more.

I recently discovered ‘Bad Sisters’, translated into Spanish as ‘Sisters to death’ and I must admit that by going with low expectations, I ended up pleasantly surprised (yes, I highly recommend it if you haven’t seen it yet). It goes without saying that its catalog of films, even less extensive than that of series, also hides great jewels such as ‘Palmer’ or ‘Causeway’ with their good doses to reflect on.

It’s weird, but I like waiting a week for a new chapter

No Filter Therapy

If ‘The Last of Us’ has shown anything on HBO Max, apart from being a great adaptation of a video game, it is that there are still many viewers willing to wait for their weekly dose of series. No marathons. They didn’t have another choice either, but from my point of view, I think it’s positive.

And I’m not just talking about the impact that this way of releasing content has for the platforms, which obviously helps retain users for longer and makes the content a topic of conversation for longer. For the viewer, a sensation is also generated that was being lost with the platforms that invite to marathons. That waiting one day of the week to see a new chapter, what do you want me to tell you, I love it.

Does it make me angry? On many occasions and especially when the genre of the series is suspense and a thread is left loose for the following week. But precisely I think This helps us take more affection for the series and really dedicate the necessary mental time to them that some demand. Either to theorize about what will happen in the following chapters or simply to stay with the desire. In a series marathon, you only have a few minutes between episodes if you feel like going to the bathroom in between.

Apple One and my ‘Apple Family’ make it wildly profitable

Apple One

The fact that there are more and more streaming platforms, together with other types of subscriptions, makes it clear that at some point we will consider unsubscribing from one of them. And Apple TV + is not saved. However, Apple TV + pays for itself on the other hand. It pays for itself thanks to iCloud, Apple Music, Apple Arcade, and if you’re quick, even Apple Fitness+.

And this is achieved thanks to Apple One. I admit that perhaps services like ‘Arcade’ or ‘Fitness+’ are not to my liking for the simple fact of not being a target, but the cloud storage and music platform. More seeing how the latter has been repositioned in recent times with Hi-Fi music and, soon, with Apple Music Classical.

Yes or yes I was going to have to contract those platforms and, making numbers of their individual contracting based on my requirements, this would be the cost:

  • iCloud (2TB): 9.99 euros
  • Apple Music: 10.99 euros
  • Apple TV +: 6.99 euros
  • Total: 27.97 euros

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However, with an Apple One plan shared with five other people I can get to have that and more with a saving of 81%. And I don’t pull figures out of my sleeve. The Apple One Premium plan costs 31.95 euros, which, although it is almost 6 euros more, is divided among the six members of the family and costs 5.33 euros. And as I said, not only with those three services that save me from contracting separately, but on top of that, two others are added that even if I don’t use them, any other member can take advantage of them.

And perhaps the issue of iCloud is conflicting. In my particular case, with 2 TB for the six of us, we have plenty, since I am the one who uses it the most and we barely reached 1.2 TB consumed. However, you can always hire more individually and it will continue to be cheaper.

Its continuous promotions are a good incentive to try it

appletvplus promotion

Far from knowing exact figures for the number of Apple TV+ subscribers and to what extent the platform amortizes them, the reality is that there is always some active promotion. Either for the purchase of a new brand product or for a promotional code that is obtained for the launch of some specific content.

And always without forgetting that in the end anyone who has never tried the service will have at least one week free and that they will always have access to the ‌first chapter of a lot of series. Obviously in the end this ends and at some point you have to pay, but there is no other platform that offers similar tests without going through the box.

There’s no guilt with Apple TV+—I pay for it every time.

So, three and a half years after its release, I think Apple TV+ has reached a degree of maturity that makes it worthy of my subscription. It will not offer me hundreds of thousands of hours of content like others, but I am sure that what I watch will be of quality and that on a low percentage of occasions it will be something that I abandon halfway through the first chapter.

In addition, It is not something that I am directly paying for, which exempts me from any feeling of wasting money. And this is something that does happen to me with other platforms when a month passes, I get the bank receipt and I see that I have paid the subscription without having barely used the service that month.

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