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The curly method is causing a rage in recent times. following him, the use of electrical heating devices is left behind that can damage our hair and is committed to the natural curl and its care. The truth is that more and more people are deciding to say ‘no’ to tongs and irons in order to opt for more natural methods. That is why a good option will be objects that we find at home but, what is the kitchen utensil that curlys use for their hair?

The kitchen accessory to define curls

Your ally to achieve spectacular curls will not be more than a steel strainer, of those of all life, of which we use to strain the pasta. You should know that It will be used in the same way as we do with the diffuser. Of course, it will not have to be placed in the hair dryer, but it will have to be worn like a hat. Yes, although the image can be especially comical, we are sure that this technique will define your curls even more.

The curly method will serve to avoid damaging your

To carry out the procedure, the mane must be wet. In this way, we will have defined and beautiful curls and, above all, in an economical and simple way.

To achieve this we can use a kitchen accessory such as the pasta strainer.

To achieve this we can use a kitchen accessory such as the pasta

How to perform the curly method

The goal will be preserve the curl from the damages of sulfates, some substances that are present in shampoos and foams. In this way, the hair will remain hydrated and will not lose its shape or frizz. It won’t dry out either.

To perform the curly method it will be very important wash your hair well. Before starting it, it will be necessary to do it with a shampoo with sulfates to eliminate all residues and silicones. Then you will have to choose a conditioner. It will be of vital importance to apply a minimum amount of the product and pass it through the hair with your hand as if it were a comb.

The last step will focus on applying a curl activator that helps to define and fix them correctly. Also, we can turn the head upside down, pressing the locks from the ends to the roots against the scalp.

But how can we realize the curly method?

But how can we realize the curly method?

Another of the most important parts will be the drying. To do this, we can follow several techniques, such as the pasta drainer or the traditional diffuser. In this step it is recommended that the temperature is not very high.

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