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The biggest brands in world pop culture started with books, also in Poland. Incredible success the witcher made it game developers began to look around for licenses to other writers’ worlds. No wonder, one good attempt can make the brand permanently nestle in the broadly understood pop culture, bringing profit to developers, publishers and authors of original, written works. So let’s take a look at three upcoming productions that are based on books by Polish authors.

Upcoming games based on Polish books

Ibru – Olga Tokarczuk, the novel “Anna In in the Tombs of the World”

  • Planned release date: 2026
  • Species: detective RPG

Cyberpunk and the Sumerian ziggurat? There has never been such a connection in video games, and the world presented in the novel is mainly based on this idea Anna In in the tombs of the worldpublished by Olga Tokarczuk in 2006.

If everything goes according to Sundog Games studio’s plan, Ibru may come across the 20th anniversary of Anna In. The entertainment would be exploring the city and talking to other heroes, because we’re investigating! The creators also clearly indicate the lack of real-time combat, because they also decided that it is easy to spoil it.

In the statements of the creators from 2022, there are also hints about character classes, such as alchemist or astrologer. They also ensure that Olga Tokarczuk keeps quality control over the project, though this is what investors are lacking the most right now. Interestingly, new details have recently surfaced, telling about 16 hours of fun and first-person gameplay.

Only if Ibru will it have a chance at all? The developers estimate that they need to produce the game PLN 10 million. The company managed to raise money through the issue of shares PLN 1.5 million, and the prototype of the game is to be ready for investors later this year. The 9-person studio consists of Techland and Flying Wild Hog veterans, so the right people are in place. Let decent cash come in and you can act with impetus.

I, The Inquisitor — Jacek Piekara, series of books “I, Inquisitor”

  • Planned release date: LACK
  • Species: TPP action game

I, The Inquisitor is inspired by the best-selling series of books by Jacek Piekary and at the same time is a project with a much better chance of success than Ibru, despite no release date. Undoubtedly, a strong argument here is the fact that you can see above intense trailer with actual gameplay fragments, that suggest a medieval and bloody action game. Unfortunately, this Middle Ages doesn’t just refer to positioning in time.

though I, The Inquisitor is due to debut on computers and consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, the title… well, it looks more like it’s supposed to operate on Playstation 3. The animations from the trailer are quite poor, but who knows – maybe the studio’s original story The Dust (Piekara cares about compliance with the book universe) will take the rest of the game with it, even if it was not supposed to deliver in terms of the visual layer.

Especially since the available materials about the game show that the creators are holding back with their ambitions in the context of the scale of their work. Hence the term action gamenot racial RPG. However, side quests are to appear, a simple progression system with unlocking new locations. The combat is heavily inspired by the early installments Assassin’s Creedwhere success was based on rhythmically pressing the parry and attack buttons.

What does the project look like in terms of numbers? Wroclaw studio The Dust this 25 people and a budget of approx. PLN 14 million, which about half is to be spent on promoting the game in the west, i.e. in Europe and the United States. In the final premiere I, The Inquisitor I do not doubt. However, I’m afraid that the work may not be received so warmly as to secure funds for a more ambitious sequel. Jacek Piekara finally sold the rights to the brand for something, right?

The Invincible – Stanisław Lem, “Invincible”

  • Planned release date: 2023
  • Species: adventure game

The Invincible has been created in Krakow’s Starward Industries since 2018, but from all three described productions, this is the game we have the best chance of actually playing, and this year. The title will serve us strong, cosmic science-fiction, romance with the style of retrofuturism.

First-person gameplay The Invincible is to be based on the puzzle-filled exploration of an unexplored planet Reg III. She is the main character of the game Yessmart and ironic astrobiologist, who must find the other crew members of her spaceship. What is quite important, the player in the title will be able to make decisions directly affecting the plot of the game. The planet itself Reg III it is quite similar to the colors of Mars, although the life found on it may not be entirely friendly to visiting humanity.

Promised slow pace The Invincible it doesn’t make me wait for her with flushed face. However, it is not difficult to imagine a scenario in which of all three games described today, this one will deliver the most. Not only the premiere itself, but also the quality of workmanship. Because also, despite the independent pedigree, the Krakow studio Starward Industries a big publisher in the form helps here 11bit Studios. And next to a team with such a large reputation, it is impossible to pass by indifferently.

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