See which heating system is ideal for your pool
Electric, gas and solar heating are the most used Image: Disclosure/Freestyle Swimming
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So that the leisure structure can be used in all seasons, and not just in the months of higher temperatures, it is necessary to evaluate the existing heating systems and which are the most suitable for each situation.

For those who intend to use the pool only on weekends, for example, gas equipment is more suitable, as it heats the water faster than the electrical system. It is also quieter. The electric one may be the best option in cases of daily use of the pool. Also, it is easier to install. Among the methods most used today are electric, gas and solar.

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The main advantage of solar heating is the initial investment in acquiring the equipment. The cost is cheaper, since it will only use the electrical energy of the motor-pump to heat the pool. Space for installing the plates and more expensive hydraulic installations are some disadvantages of the system. For its installation, check the size of the place to install the necessary solar panels depending on the surface area of ​​the pool.

Another aspect is whether the system will use the same motor-pump for filtration or whether there will be an auxiliary one for heating. In addition, the amount of bottom drain must be foreseen only for heating due to the function of the flow, the hot water return devices and the hydraulic installations from the engine room to the area where the plates are located.

Solar Dome Panel
The solar dome takes up less space and does not require inclination when installing (Image: Disclosure / Nado Livre
by Pentair Sibrape)

Solar Dome Panel

An alternative to panels solar conventional is the Solar Dome with hemispherical shape, which allows absorption from all sides, with the advantage of occupying up to four times less space. Produced in polypropylene with a double layer of transparent polycarbonate and an aluminized reflective plate, the equipment is simple to install and does not require inclination, and can be placed on flat slabs, roofs, lawns, gardens, slopes and even on vertical walls, in harmony with the landscaping.

Regarding the cost x benefit, the main variant is the pool size: the larger it is, the more volume of water to heat and the greater the heat loss area. Solar heating is very economical, however, when there are not good conditions of solar radiation and ambient temperature, the system does not work properly, which is why experts always recommend combining it with other equipment.


Gas equipment is more compact and needs an infrastructure for the fluid and another hydraulic one for operation. For its installation, the most suitable place is close to the engine room and the equipment can be exposed to the weather. If the option is to leave it in a closed place, a chimney is necessary for the exit of exhaust gases, in addition to an electrical point and the supply of natural gas (NG) or Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and the motor-pump .

heat pumps

The electrical system is an alternative to make the pool water ideal for diving, even in winter. Electric heating is compact, efficient and hydraulic infrastructure is cheaper compared to solar. As it uses warm ambient air as a heat source, it may stop working in cold places where temperatures are below 10°C.

The heater must be close to the engine room and exposed to the weather for heat exchange. It must be checked whether the pumped motor of the filtration system will be sufficient for the heater to work or whether an auxiliary will be necessary. Other items that must be foreseen are the amount of bottom drain just for heating, as well as the heater return devices relative to the motor-pump flow, electrical and hydraulic installations from the engine room to the heater.

Solar plate
The sign
solar energy converts solar energy into thermal energy, leaving the water with the
ideal temperature (Image: Disclosure/Nado Livre
by Pentair Sibrape)

main misconceptions

In case of solar, the wrong sizing is often used to define the number of plates and the positioning in relation to the sun, which should be towards the north face. In electric, it is often the choice for very cold regions. As for gas, it is compromised by the calculation for defining the infrastructure. If the pool was built without a heating system, it is possible to install one of three types. The hydraulics and electrics of the pool itself can be used. Electric and gas are the most suitable. For the solar, reforms will be necessary to pass the pipes from the plates to the structure.

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