My Hero Academia: All For One's rise in power anticipates a shocking death

A shocking death has been anticipated following All For One’s rise in power.

All For One’s rise in power could have heralded a shocking death.

As the plot of My Hero Academia progresses, All For One has been getting more and more powerful, as this character has always distinguished himself as the main and definitive villain of the series, since he is the one who pull the strings so that all the chaos and anarchy has taken over Japanas he is obsessed with reliving his Dark Golden Age in which he was known as the “Demon King”.

The current panorama in My Hero Academia is gloomy and terrifying, since evil has spread everywhere, generating a feeling of uncertainty in the environment, since the progress that the villains have had has been incredible, reaching put the heroes who are doing their best in big trouble to stop the unexpected rise of darkness, and to achieve this, it is necessary to take down All For One.

However, stopping All For One is not an easy task, since the villain has been increasing his power as the battle unfolds, which makes the situation more difficult and at the same time with the increase in his strength, he could have anticipated a shocking death, glimpsing a terrible panorama. Next, we tell you the details.

This post Contains spoilers from Chapter #382 of the My Hero Academia manga.

A shocking death could have been anticipated with All For One’s increased power.

All For One's rise in power could have heralded a shocking death

All For One’s rise in power could have heralded a shocking death

As the plot of My Hero Academia has progressed, a large number of unexpected events have arisen, generating enormous confusion and fueling the chaos that already existed on each battlefront, since thanks to the action of Himiko Toga, the villains came to control the development of the wargiving Shigaraki and All For One a new opportunity to carry out their dark plans.

However, Hawks’ battle against All For One in Gunga has become very unpredictable, as the villain is very confident that his plans are going perfectlyso it is attacking and destroying everything in its path, but AFO did not count that the heroes of Shiketsu Academy would also join this fight and along with them, Tokoyami, a UA student who would earn respect. of the villain after performing an amazing feat to stop him.

Tokoyami has demonstrated his worth and great power by facing the most powerful villain and feared by all, since he has dealt an incredible attack with which he was supposed to have died, but since it is All For One, he used one of his multiple quirks to get out of the situation unscathed, completely surprising the present, since apparently the power of AFO has been increasing constantly, which makes it more dangerous and unbeatable. However, after increasing his strength a surprising death could have been anticipated.

After Tokoyami’s brutal attack, All For One seems to have avoided a fatal outcome by using the quirk Rewind, one of the most powerful and at the same time most dangerous gifts of all, since it allows him to regenerate his wounds and rejuvenate himself, which is why the villain had not opted for this option, since he had not received significant damage since his fight with Endeavor until now. However, having used this gift before could be taking its toll on the villain.

All For One could have anticipated his death by not being able to stop the continuous rejuvenation he has been having after using the Rewind quirk.

All For One could have anticipated his death by not being able to stop the continuous rejuvenation he has been having after using the Rewind quirk.

Although he regenerated from the damage caused by Tokoyami, using this quirk could be anticipating the death of this villainsince by using this quirk, he has been getting stronger, regaining his full power, but in return he has become younger and younger, which will lead him to a point where he is will dissolve into nothingness by not being able to stop its continuous rejuvenationbecause when appearing this is the risk that he has to take when using this powerful gift, which means that his death is inevitable.

The fate of All For One has been predicted since previous chapters, which is why he hastened to go to Shigaraki, as he is aware that he has little time left, and having made use of this gift leaves him in an unfavorable position. , given that at any moment its existence could disappear.

Without a doubt, that All For One dies this way would give an epic conclusion to this powerful and fearsome villain, since his legacy and ambitions would perish along with him, which would turn all the attention in the generation of relief, Deku versus Shigaraki, becoming Tomura in the definitive antagonist of the series.

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