Alberto De Pisis receives no surprises at the GF, his staff explains why

Big Brother Vip 2022/2023

Since his mother arrived at the house last November, Alberto De Pisis has never received a surprise. The reason is very simple and it is the gieffino staff who explain it on social networks.

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Big Brother Vip 2022/2023

Among the competitors of the Big Brother VIP there is someone who has faced his path decidedly more quietly, it is about Albert DePisis. The gieffino was brought up in some dynamics, but compared to the others he was one of the few who did not receive surprises from his entry into the most spied on house in Italy. Some fans speculated that it was a decision made by the authors of the program, but the influencer’s staff wanted to clarify things with a statement on social media.

The explanation of the staff

A very clear message with which the staff who manage Alberto De Pisis’ accounts wanted to clarify what to all intents and purposes could have taken the form of a not insignificant misunderstanding. If in almost six months of reality shows, gieffino has never received any surprises from his family, there is a very specific reason:

We feel the moral and professional duty to give answers to Alberto’s supporters who have been wondering for months why Alby doesn’t get any surprises. His family, except for his mother, from the beginning asked not to be involved. We are not interested in motivations because we respect them regardless. Alberto was aware of this position before entering. We write these words publicly because it is not correct to read that the fault of this lack lies with the authors or Big Brother.

The meeting of Alberto and his mother at the GF

In fact, not even De Pisis ever complained about the fact that there hadn’t been any incursions from outside, aware that at least they wouldn’t have come from his family, since they had made their decision known even before the influencer could take part at the show. The only visit for Alberto dates back to a few months ago, when his mother showed up and tried to encourage him: “Tear down the barriers, show yourself.”

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