Miley Cyrus has finally released a new album. Her ex Liam Hemsworth should also be a topic.

Miley Cyrus already provided a musical highlight and a lot of attention with the single “Flowers” a few weeks ago. Many also saw the self-love anthem as a reckoning with the successful singer’s ex-husband.

Miley Cyrus calls marriage to Liam Hemsworth an ‘absolute disaster’

The 30-year-old was married to actor Liam Hemsworth from 2018 to 2020. At a concert she called her marriage an “absolute disaster”. For a long time it was not really clear why the dream couple separated. However, rumors keep circulating that Liam is said to have cheated on his wife several times.

A perfume allegedly convicted unfaithful Liam Hemsworth

In the video for her mega hit “Flowers”, fans found numerous supposed indications that Miley Cyrus addressed Liam Hemsworth’s infidelity – and did not spare him. Now her eighth album “Endless Summer Vacation” has been released. And her ex-husband doesn’t seem to get away with her other songs either, as “” reports.

In the song “Jaded,” she seems to accuse her ex of not taking responsibility for his actions: “You’re not even ready to see your part, you just hop in the car and drive down to the bar until your vision is blurry.”

In “Muddy Feet” she sings, “I don’t know if you know who you’re messing with here. Get out of my house with that shit, get out of my life with that shit.” This is meant to refer to how Hemsworth’s infidelity was exposed: “You smell like a perfume I didn’t buy. Now I know why you drew the curtains. So it seems to have been a scent that convicted the allegedly unfaithful Liam Hemsworth.

The number “14” is said to have a special meaning for Miley Cyrus – because her ex allegedly cheated on her with 14 women. Since she is said to have already hinted at his infidelity in the video for “Flowers”, a detail in the video for “Rivers “ not to be a coincidence: In it she is shown with 14 dancers.

Shakira: Diss track about ex Gerard Piqué

Music and related videos as a way to process a failed relationship? Why not. The musician is not alone if her lyrics really allude to her ex-husband. Singer Shakira also settled accounts with her unfaithful ex-partner, footballer Gerard Piqué, in a diss track and keeps launching public attacks.

He is said to have cheated on her and is already on cloud nine with his new girlfriend, while Shakira is probably still processing the events – and doesn’t seem to want to spare her ex in public.

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