Long live Don Juan and his poetic carnitas tacos (one of the best in CDMX)

Let’s talk about tacos, what’s more, let’s talk about delicious tacos that are eaten standing up, in an emblematic corner of Colonia Condesa. Tacos that are almost poetic, double tortilla, plastic plate, a nice collection of sauces, and a household name to true connoisseurs of this Mexican delicacy, Don Juan.

This taco shop, whose interior is reminiscent of one of those houses from the 70s, with a marble floor, large refrigerators, an occasional inexplicable painting attached to the walls, and a cash box reminiscent of an old movie box office, It is a monument to the neighborhood that was once the Countess.

The Countess's classics: Don Juan tacos
This taquería was inaugurated in 1982/Image: Facebbok Tacos Don Juan

Over four decades, Don Juan has witnessed everything. Of the tremors that have shaken the neighborhood, of its gentrification and even of the most important sequence of Loves Dogs, that of the shock. She survives despite the fact that everything around her moves and that makes her essential.

Here diners make long lines, which sometimes leave the premises. When they arrive they choose from a wide variety of stews (one better than another), then they prepare their tacos at a bar full of things, including the best avocado sauce in the neighborhood.

The history of Don Juan tacos

Don Juan tacos are much more than an establishment, they are a piece of history that began writing almost 40 years ago.

It started when Juan (the man who named the business) decided to put a butcher shop on the corner of Juan Escutia and Atlixco. The cuts he sold soon caught the attention of the settlers, and the establishment gained popularity.

The Countess's classics: Don Juan tacos
Don Juan founder of Tacos Don Juan/Image: Facebook Tacos Don Juan

After a decade of selling meat in the neighborhood, Don Juan took the next step in its history and began offering tacos. The idea came from his son, who asked his father for a space to give diners a masterful combination that is still famous today: sausage, steak and tortillas.

These combined tacos revolutionized everything and soon they began to have regular customers. Over time, the space in the butcher shop became a taco shop in every sense of the word.

The Countess's classics: Don Juan tacos
Tacos well served / Image: Facebook Tacos Don Juan

What is eaten in Don Juan?

In don Juan each taco is a complete meal, delicious and with everything you need to satisfy your appetite as it should.

Here people can choose from a multitude of stews (which change according to the day). It is recommended, in particular, to try the house one; an amazing combination of sausage, meat and sauce.

The Countess's classics: Don Juan tacos
Every day there are huge lines to order a taco/ Image: Facebook Tacos Don Juan

The traditional is also worth trying. One cannot visit Don Juan without trying the suadero, the steak and even beef medallions. Each one is accompanied with rice and beans. bays, two tortillas and Jalisco sauce or green guacamole, each one decides.

For the most hungry, the tacos can be accompanied with flavored waters and a chocolate in the shape of a bunny that is displayed next to the box.


From time to time, it is worth knowing to change the taco shop and return to the classics.

Address: Juan Escutia, Atlixco corner.

Schedule: Monday to Sunday from 10 am

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