LIVE: Black Wings are guests in the third quarter-final game in Bolzano

HCB South Tyrol – Black Wings Linz

HCB South Tyrol

Black Wings Linz

First face-off: 12.03. – 18:00

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5:10 p.m

And this is how the HCB Südtirol starts today:

Sam Harvey is in goal. Andreas Bernard is his backup.

1st line:
Ryan Culkin, Enrico Miglioranzi – Mike Halmo, Brad McClure, Dustin Gazley

2nd line:
Cole Hults, Mike Dalhuisen – Angelo Miceli, Mitch Hults, Christian Thomas

3rd line:
Scott Valentine, Dylan DiPerna – Leonardo Felicetti, Domenico Alberga, Matt Frattin

4th line:
Cameron Ginnetti, Hannes Kasslatter – Luca Frigo, Daniel Mantenuto, Daniel Frank

5:05 p.m

The line ups are here! Here’s how the Black Wings play today:

Rasmus Tirronen is in goal. Thomas Höneckl is his backup.

1st line:
Logan Roe, Martin Schumnig – Brian Lebler, Marco Brucker, Stefan Gaffal

2nd line:
Marc-Andre Dorion, Raphael Wolf – Emilio Romig, Graham Knott, Shawn St-Amant

3rd line:
Ramon Schnetzer, Lorenz Lindner – Andreas Kristler, Brodi Stuart, Alexander Lahoda

4th line:
Matt Murphy, – Jakob Mitsch, Julian Pusnik, Niklas Bretschneider

17:00 o’clock

Another hour until the first slice falls onto the ice. The voltage increases.

4:55 p.m

Peter Nader will not travel to Bolzano today. At the invitation of a business partner, he was invited to the LASK game against Salzburg. And the athletes were also represented by Peter Michorl and Felix Luckeneder at the Black Wings game on Friday. All the best in the game against the master from here. We keep half an eye on what’s happening in the Raiffeisen Arena – and of course also in Altach, where SV Ried meets Altach in a basement duel today.

4:50 p.m

Marco Brucker will lead Linz on the ice in the first line. We just found out. Line-ups coming soon.

4:45 p.m

A Linzer fan bus should be on its way to South Tyrol. The people of Linz left a little later, so they could have been luckier than us at some of the accident sites. There are said to be more than 50 people on the bus. That’s why the security squad on the stadium forecourt should be so large today. Because there was no space for us in the courtyard of the stadium today, we park in a public car park next to the arena.

4:40 p.m

The question of all questions for the people of Linz today is who will represent Michael Haga in the first line. We’re trying to get answers.

4:35 p.m

The office workers Michael Geltner and Anna Sophie Müller, who are sick, are not on the Linz side today. Get well soon to both of you at this point.

4:30 p.m

One and a half hours until the game starts.

4:25 p.m

The Steinbach Black Wings players have been here in the hall since just before 4 p.m. Football is currently being played.

4:20 p.m

It is almost unbelievable that we had everything that winter has to offer with us in terms of weather. From slightly below zero, snowfall to bright sunshine, everything was there on the way across the Alps. It’s currently 19 degrees in Bolzano with bright sunshine. We left the winter jacket in the car.

4:15 p.m

Servus and Ciao da Bolzano! It’s late, we’re reporting from South Tyrol. The journey was a bit slow, but despite some traffic jams and accidents on the freeway, the delay was reasonably bearable.

The Black Wings didn’t really celebrate the series equalizer. Because yesterday at 12.45 p.m. bus driver Robert Rammerstorfer set the 19-ton monster called the players’ bus in motion in the direction of Bolzano.

Michael Haga and Daine Todd did not join the Black Wings. So today in Bolzano, Linz not only have to do without the defender, but also without the first-line center. Julian Pusnik took over Haga’s position on an interim basis on Friday. Today either Brodi Stuart or Marco Brucker is expected on the top center position.

Match winner Emilio Romig in an interview after game 2:

Haga will be missed by the people of Linz – even if he rarely appeared on the scoreboard recently. The work he has done and the space he has freed up for Lebler and Gaffal through his pace – one should not underestimate Hagas’ failure. But not too big either. Because the Black Wings held up with all four lines on Friday. It will also be necessary today.

Head coach Philipp Lukas sums up Game 2:

But there are also worries in the fox camp. Because the 1:2 defeat in Linz was not taken into account. This was particularly noticeable at the beginning of the third section on Friday, when the team from Bozen made overly hard checks. One would have expected Linzer – and rightly so after the performances shown in the last third of the regular season – to be opponents that were much easier to play against. But Linz fights back. Probably today too.

Friday’s game again in pictures:

Photo gallery: Black Wings celebrated a 2-1 home win against Bozen

Black Wings celebrated a 2-1 home win against Bozen

(Photo: BWL/Reinhard Eisenbauer) Picture 1/18

view gallery

As a pastime until kick-off, we can recommend the latest episode of the icebreaker podcast. Christian Perthaler spoke to us about Linz’s first championship season (2002/2003):

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