In La Plata even the minimum was oppressive and Plaza Moreno the hottest place: the ranking

Due to the extreme temperature forecast for the next 72 hours, the Municipality of La Plata raised the alert level to ‘Red’. Meanwhile, the ranking of the hottest neighborhoods in the early hours of this Sunday was known. What precautions should be taken?

Local official sources affirmed that today’s minimums exceeded the average maximum of March (26ºC). In this sense, the following records were taken: V. Elisa: 26.9 V. Elvira: 28.3 M. Romero: 27.3 Gonnet: 27.0 Los Hornos: 28.1 Pza. Moreno: 28.4 Tolosa: 27.4 S. Lorenzo: 28.4 S. Carlos: 27.8 C. Bell: 27.5 El Danger: 26.7 Supply: 26.9 Olmos: 27.4 Etcheverry: 27.2

“Today we will have another day of extreme heat in La Plata; We are going through the second day of a period of high temperatures that until next Tuesday will configure the third heat wave of the season in the City”, specified the part of the local Hydrometeorology Directorate.

According to the report of the specialized area of ​​the Commune, the region woke up today with minimums close to the record value for the month: 27ºC to 29ºC. For this reason, it was decided to raise the Risk Attention Level to ‘Red’.

It is important to note that the ‘Red’ alert level occurs in exceptional cases of heat waves. In this indicator, weather conditions can affect all people and not just risk groups. From this situation, there are risks of suffocation or hyperthermia.

In this regard, the director of municipal Hydrometeorology, Mauricio Saldivar, explained: “During the next 72 hours, high temperatures will persist in a situation of thermal stress that implies health risks if due precautions are not taken.”

Faced with this situation, the Municipality called on ABSA to regularize and guarantee the normal supply of drinking water in the different neighborhoods. It was also arranged to guarantee the delivery of water in schools, gardens and neighborhoods; intensify the tasks of attention and assistance with the SAME; and demand the placement of hydration points in national and provincial public service units with a seat in the City, mainly where older adults and minors are concentrated.


The Municipality recommended that residents, and especially older adults and sick people, drink plenty of water during the day and eat fresh food, such as fruits and vegetables.

In addition, they were advised to wear light-colored, light-colored clothing, wear sunglasses, a cap or hat, and sunscreen, increase fluid intake without waiting until they were thirsty, and avoid sugary, hot, or alcoholic beverages.

Likewise, it was suggested to eat light, stay in ventilated or conditioned spaces, reduce physical activity and not exercise in places without ventilation or expose yourself to the sun between 10:00 and 18:00.

For the youngest, the specialists advised continuous hydration (especially with natural juices) and in the case of infants, offering the chest more frequently and keeping them in cool and ventilated places.

Other options for children and newborns are to bathe and wet them frequently, dress them in loose and light clothing, avoid exposing them to the sun, and never stay with them inside a parked or closed vehicle.

On the other hand, if you have a single elderly neighbor or family member, you are urged to call them or come to their house to see if they need anything.

Finally, the residents were asked to be informed about the forecast and attentive to the recommendations of the Municipality, through the official channels of the Commune.

In the event of any query, citizens can contact municipal service line 147 and Civil Protection 103; while for medical emergencies on public roads, they must call SAME number 107.

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