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It may be that you do not know much about what the cache is and that you have heard of it, but you are not very clear about what it is, or what it is used for.

The cache memory of both the computer and the browser or any other that you find, will have the common denominator of being an area where information is stored that will help the system work more quickly, providing quick access to said information.

Hence, the cache is more important than you might think at first, because it is directly related to the behavior and fluidity that is achieved.

Let’s see everything we need to know about caching in browsers.

How to clear the browser cache and why you should do it:

What is the browser cache?

The browser cache is a temporary storage space to store website information which we have recently visited.

That is to say, each time we enter a website through a browser, it will save all the data of the place it needs so that the next time we do not enter from scratch and already have information, gaining access fluidity.

Difference between a cache and cookies

The cache and cookies they tend to get confused or think they are the same, but in reality they are two different things.

The cache holds the content of the website we have visitedwhile cookies store information about our identity, preferences, login information and similar data about us.

Cookies remember data such as an individual user’s login information, allowing the user to log into the site without re-entering credentials, for example.

Cookies are used so that Google or other companies can track them and thus know first-hand all our tastes, to offer advertising more adapted to our tastes. If we are worried about being spied on, we can always delete the browser’s cookies or use the incognito mode of the browser.

Why and what happens when you clear the cache

It may be the case that we have never cleared the cache memory and that it is so extremely oversaturated that it causes the browsing even slower than it should.

Forgetting to clear the cache can also cause let’s be vulnerablesince it may be that we have some type of malware that can be used against us.

If we delete all the cache, there will no longer be the opportunity to take advantage of it when browsing, but it is also true that we will experience a storage gain to be able to save much more current information and that will be more useful.

Clear cache in Chrome

If we have the browser Googlethe way that allows us to clear the cache is very simple.

We must do the following:

  • we open the browser Chrome in Windows 11.
  • We click on the three dots icon on the right side of the browser.
  • We are going to more tools and then to Clear browsing data.
  • We select a time interval or choose Since ever to delete everything.
  • We check the boxes browsing history, Cookies and other site data and Files and cached images.
  • Finally, we click on Delete data.

Clear cache in Firefox

If our browser is Mozilla Firefox, the steps to clear the cache are just as simple as in the previous case.

You just have to do the following:

  • We open the Firefox browser on our Windows computer.
  • Now what we have to do is click on the button Menu, which is three vertical bars at the top right of the browser.
  • Next we click on Settings and after that in Privacy & Security.
  • In Cookies and site dataclick on the button Delete data.
Clear cache in Firefox

Clear cache in Edge

If you normally use the Microsoft browser, the steps to clear the cache are slightly different from the ones above.

You must do the following:

  • we open microsoft edge and click on the three horizontal points in the upper right part.
  • Now we give in Settings > Privacy, search and services.
  • Within Clear browsing data we will see Clear browsing data now and a button to the right where it says Choose what to deletewhich we must press.
  • In Time interval we put the one we want, although we recommend selecting Always.
  • Now we mark at least Cookies and other site data, Files and images cache and Exploration history. The rest is up to each one’s choice.
  • All that remains is to click on Delete now for it to take effect.
Clear cache in Edge

Clear cache in Safari

To clear the Safari cache on your iPhone you only have to follow a few steps.

It really is very simple, having to do this:

  • We are going to Settings > Safari.
  • We scroll down and select Clear history and website data.
  • It only remains to click on Clear history and data.
Clear cache in Safari

Now you have all the necessary information about the browsing cache.

Not only do you know what the cache is, but you also know why to clear it and how to do it.

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