On March 12, Jimmy Kimmel will host the legendary Oscars – for the third time. It is not for nothing that the US comedian is very popular as an entertainer.

The Oscars have a host again and his name is Jimmy Kimmel. After 2017 and 2018, the comedian is allowed to lead the Academy Awards for the third time. And he is well prepared! After all, what could be more embarrassing than the transhipment breakdown six years ago? At that time, the wrong winner was accidentally announced. The partly shocked and partly amused faces of the stars will probably not be forgotten by the viewers in a hurry. But this year everything should run smoothly, the moderator wants to make sure of that. In an interview with the US magazine “People”, Jimmy Kimmel promised to give “100 percent”. “I like to go 75 percent prepared and leave some room for improvisation and reaction to the show.”

Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman & Co.: Jimmy Kimmel knows them all

Jimmy Kimmel has decades of show business experience. Stand-up comedy, TV, film, moderation – nothing can faze the 55-year-old “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” host. He is particularly popular because, despite his sharp sense of humor, he is never malicious. In his show, he also addresses current, political topics and is not afraid to offend, but he also relies on funny street polls or viewer videos.

One or the other celebrity can certainly expect a dig at Oscar night on March 12, but there shouldn’t be a scandal. Jimmy is well known in Hollywood, his closest friends include Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman and ex-girlfriend Sarah Silverman. Probably his most famous “inside joke”: the enmity with Matt Damon. The two stars have been fighting each other publicly for years, but of course this feud is not real. It will be interesting to see if the actor gets an appearance at the Oscars.

Oscar host Jimmy Kimmel privately: Great love and family happiness

Jimmy Kimmel was married to costume designer Gina Kimmel from 1988 to 2002 and they have two children, Katie and Kevin. Both live in Los Angeles and have a close relationship with their father.

The comedian has now been married for the second time for ten years and has children Jane and Billy with author Molly McNearney. Jimmy and Molly kept Billy’s birth in spring 2017 a secret for a few weeks because they were worried about their baby. Billy suffered from a rare heart disease and had to undergo multiple surgeries. Jimmy Kimmel earned great respect at the time for his open dealings with the disease and for the emotional speeches on his show. In the fall of 2022, he gave an update at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Gala, saying his son is doing fine today, although re-operations are not out of the question. “I’ve tried to explain heart surgery to him because he has a scar on his chest, but he’s almost not interested,” he said, according to The Today Show.

Jimmy Kimmel takes humor in Will Smith’s Oscar slap

In the run-up to the Oscars, Jimmy Kimmel spoke several times about the scandal of the past awards ceremony. In 2022, Will Smith caused a scandal when he stormed onto the stage and slapped comedian Chris Rock. The Oscar winner ruined a historic evening for himself and now has to live with the consequences: a ten-year ban.

Jimmy Kimmel praised Chris Rock for his confident response to the attack. He remained calm even when Will Smith followed up with verbal attacks. He refrained from reporting. “I think getting a slap in the face and being so cool about it is something Chris should be proud of. I hope Chris’ grandkids will still be proud when he’s dead,” Jimmy told People. “I think it’s something that everyone regrets and that we will move on from.”

The Academy admitted they were unprepared for such a situation and vowed to get better. It is still unclear whether this means that the Oscars will now be broadcast with a time delay in order to be able to edit out a scandal. Despite the background, this year’s Oscar host approaches the evening in a relaxed manner – after all, it’s not his first time hosting. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he joked that he was prepared for a scandal. If someone runs onto the stage to hit him, he wants to weigh it up first. “I’ll check him out and if I’m taller than him I’ll beat him up on TV,” he said. What if it’s Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson? “Then I’ll run away.”

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