This joint cosplay of Yuru and Asa from Chainsaw Man is spectacular

Some quality cosplay for Chainsaw Man fans.

Yoru character in Chainsaw Man.

Chainsaw Man is, without a doubt, one of the works of fashion. It was already in manga format, but to tell the truth, it was after the premiere of his anime, when he managed to gain considerable popularity, making many people impatient to learn more about his world. This led to the manga will also become quite popularso much so that there was a shortage in the specialist stores of the medium.

This speaks quite well of the adaptation to this new medium, so much so that it is already considered one of the best animes, or at least one of the most loved by users today. This leads to the same as the popularity of any work of the style, that is, to a large number of people praising it in different ways, among them one of the most popular would be the world of cosplay.

For those new to the subject, cosplay is, in a nutshell, dressing up as your favorite anime, manga, or even video game characters you want. This is usually done for “geeky” conventions, but now we are going to show you some very interesting cosplays of two Chainsaw Man characters you probably don’t know.

Some very interesting cosplays

It is always very fun, and even educational to see the cosplays that certain users do, and it is that many times they allow you to pay attention to details that you did not appreciate at the time, when you saw the anime, or read the manga, since in this case we are talking of two characters that They have not yet made their appearance on the small screen.

Without further ado, here we leave you with the cosplay of these two usersso that you can judge for yourselves about its quality, although we already tell you that we have loved it.

If you want, you can tell us in the comments. what are your opinions about this cosplay of Yuru and Asa from Chainsaw Man. For now, we cannot leave the opportunity to recommend this anime to you, so here is an article with all the weapon demons in this series, so that you can catch up, even if you have seen this anime recently.

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