“My mother had 14 children,” one guy told another. We have her on a pedestal.” “They do well,” the other congratulated him. A mother who has given birth to 14 children deserves a pedestal”. “And surely we are going to be more,” the guy declared. Every night daddy takes mommy down from the pedestal.”

Caudela went to confess to Don Arsilio, the local parish priest. “Accuse me, father,” she told him, “of having slept with men who are not my husband.” She inquired the good priest: “With how many?” Caudela replied in a reproachful tone: “Father: the sin for you, the accounts for me.”

It is natural that a goat in glassware is followed by others of the same species, its congeners. It is natural that a brunette of the 4T come out with the aberrant occurrence of trying to change the internal legislation of the UNAMin flagrant violation of his autonomybecause his master and lord has shown hostility and anger towards the institution.

A pinprick without any effect will be that initiative, just as innocuous bravado, and even laughable, are the threats made by the caudillo against the Republican Party. It is a pity that for one of those errors that in the democracy committed, our country has been taken over by a group devoid of trade and sense of community whose sole aim seems to be the maintenance of power for the use of a single man, without any awareness of the public good and based on anachronistic dogmas and obsolete ideologies whose failure has been proven over and over again. I don’t like to prophesy catastrophes, but I fear the worst is yet to come.

The visible failure of the regime in practically all areas of the administration it will arouse the spite of its holder, and anything can be expected from a spiteful ruler, especially if he manages to seat a successor or successor unconditionally and obedient to his dictates on the throne.

This ominous possibility can only be dispelled by a conscious and participatory citizenry that finds a candidate with enough charisma and qualities to unite all Mexican men and women who are dissatisfied with the dismal course the nation has taken, in order to outnumber the clientele of this corporatist, authoritarian and populist regime -and also inefficient that bases its validity on a majority of poor people who give their vote in exchange for a crust.

That is the hope of millions of citizens. That is the hope of Mexico. Don Frustracio and his compadre Pitorrango were part of a typical orchestra. Both played the mandolin. One night, after rehearsal, the two walked back to their respective houses, since they lived next door to each other.

On the way, Don Cucoldo confided to his compadre: “My wife does not put passion in the act of love, and that at such moments I think I am with Silvana Pampanini.” Silvana Pampanini She was a sensual actress of the Italian cinematograph in the time of Don Cucoldo’s youth. “What happens – Pitorrango made him see – is that you do not surround the occasion with an atmosphere of romanticism.

Now that we arrive, make love to my comadre. In the next room I will interpret the beautiful romance `Mattinata’ on the mandolin. You will see how at the notes of that melody her lady will ignite in passion”.

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They did so, but the wife remained cold. Pitorrango then proposed: “Now I will go with her, to see what the problem consists of. Meanwhile you play `Mattinata’. I’ll find something to play.” Moments later, Don Cucoldo, who was playing the mandolin, heard expressions of pleasure coming from his wife. He said to himself, satisfied: “What happened is that the compadre lacked feeling in the interpretation.”

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