Medical association fires another manager

Curia chairman Erik Huber – together with his finance officer – caused the immediate dismissal of another manager who worked in the company network around Equip4Ordi, the Vienna Medical Association confirmed in a corresponding report by “Kurier” on Saturday afternoon.

According to “Kurier”, the reason for the dismissal was that potential breaches of duty were encountered in the course of processing the case. Due to the complexity of the company structure, however, a successor had to be found for the function, according to the report. Recently, other possible breaches of duty have come to light that require “immediate action”.

And according to the “Dossier” journalist Ashwien Sankholkar, Equip4Ordi GmBH is said to have filed a voluntary declaration with the tax office, as announced via Twitter. This emerges from a “dossier” letter to the members of the medical association’s curia of resident doctors. Sankholkar quotes from the letter that the voluntary disclosure was made in order to properly clarify and process a sham employment relationship entered into in the past. At the request of the APA, the Medical Association was initially unable to provide any information on this report.

Four institutions are now investigating the cause – the public prosecutor’s office, the Audit Office, Municipal Department 40 and an internal chamber investigation commission. As early as mid-February, the public prosecutor’s office ordered the cell phones and laptops of the accused to be confiscated – two managing directors of Equip4Ordi and a chamber employee and confidant of the Medical Chamber President Johannes Steinhart. It is about the allegation of infidelity or favoritism. The accused are said to have stated that they acted on Steinhart’s instructions or with his approval. He denies all allegations. The Equip4Ordi has already ceased operations. Up to now, the company has supplied doctor’s surgeries with medical materials.

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