Kyiv starts spring offensive "only in two months"

According to Ukraine, it still needs at least two months for the planned spring offensive. “We must increase the supply of heavy artillery shells of 155 mm caliber and long-range missiles,” said the presidential office. Kiev put the need for armored vehicles to liberate other occupied areas at 400 to 500. Independent military experts had already expected a major Ukrainian offensive in the next few days. Apparently, however, the defense of Bakhmut and other cities is currently draining the Ukrainian fighters’ strength.

Less attacks from Russia

But things aren’t going according to plan for the Russian units either: if you believe the reports from London, the Russians are also gradually running out of missiles. Because it can already be observed that Moscow has once again changed its war strategy: Above all, the frequency of attacks has decreased. Observers also report that the recent spate of rocket attacks used a variety of missiles, some of which were misappropriated.

  • ZIB 1: Battles for Bachmut are getting harder

The head of the Russian mercenary group Wagner, Yevgeny Prigozhin, has announced the opening of 58 recruitment centers in Russia. “Despite the colossal resistance of the Ukrainian armed forces, we will make progress,” said the mercenary boss, confident of victory. Among other things, the Wagner mercenaries play a central role in the battle over Bachmut that has been going on for months.

Meanwhile, the US emphasized that it intends to continue to support Ukraine with modern weapons in the future. The Ukrainian fighters should also receive smart bombs this year. With the so-called Joint Direct Attack Munition, they should be able to hit targets at a range of up to 72.5 kilometers thanks to their fold-out wings.

EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen visited US President Joe Biden yesterday to coordinate further aid to Ukraine between Europe and the US.


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