Kevin Parker and his crutches: This was the Tame Impala concert in CDMX

On his second visit to the Palacio de los Deportes after performing in 2016, Tame Impala returned to CDMX to give a concert with their fourth album The Slow Rush. All considering that Kevin Parker broke his hip and didn’t back down.

With Cuco as the opening act, Tame Impala rewarded their fans after having to cancel a concert as headliners at Foro Sol, along with MGMT and Clairo. And although we saw them at Corona Capital that same year, Parker knew that he had an outstanding debt.

Kevin Parker of Tame Impala
Kevin Parker gave a show with the help of two crutches and despite his broken hip. Photo: Stephania Carmona

On a difficult day in CDMX, because it is Friday and for having the presentation of Grupo Firme at Foro Sol, we can say that Overcoming road obstacles and life in general were worth it just to see the Tame Impala concert.

The Slow Rush experience at the Tame Impala concert

From the introduction video to the Tame Impala concert we see how Parker and company have enough humor to refer to their music from a “medical” side: with recommendations and even possible effects of taking “Rushium”.

Tame Impala opened the concert with a bang from their new album, “One More Year”. In a completely sold-out Palacio de los Deportes, the Tame Impala frontman walked onto the stage with crutches on each arm and a huge smile (seriously).

Tame Impala concert
Kevin Parker came on stage to give a two-hour show. Photo: Stephania Carmona

The Tame Impala concert, with this Slow Rush experience, consisted of revisit the Tame Impala discography in a fairly thoughtful order, since they started with new songs and are going backwards.

What the band plays the least are songs from the Innerspeaker (2010) and Lonerism (2012). And it is that it shows that Parker likes what is done in the Currents (2015)as well as in their most recent album that brought them back to Mexico.

Kevin Parker
The Tame Impala concert was packed with more recent hits. Photo: Stephania Carmona

The visuals and lights were not lacking at the Tame Impala concert

Having already settled in front of the microphone, Parker ditched her crutches and put them aside to concentrate exclusively on singing, since evidently his condition prohibited him from walking on stage during the Tame Impala concert

The band’s visuals are based on mesmerizing colors and geometric shapes, and that goes very well especially with Slow Rush’s electronic and danceable songs like “Breathe Deeper” or “Is It True”, which caused a lot of dancing with the lighting, beats, light curtains and fascinating visuals.

Kevin Parker and his crutches: This was the Tame Impala concert in CDMX
The visuals could not be missing at the Tame Impala concert. Photo: Stephania Carmona

Kevin Parker prevailed and fulfilled the first Tame Impala concert in CDMX (of this 2023)

The net we thought that another year would pass without a Tame Impala solo concert
after the announcement of Parker’s fracture. But like the greats Dave Grohl and Axl Rose, the Australian climbed up to give a concert of 19 songs without shortening the show due to his injury.

With slight gestures, raising his hands (or crutches) and shaking his head, Kevin Parker does not need more to win over a Mexican audience that simply adores him. Especially after seeing that a serious injury did not stop the Tame Impala concert.

The band complemented by Dominic Simper, Cam Avery, Jay Watson, Julien Barbagallo, and Rafael Lazzaro-Colon It was also raffled off at the concert with great precision and faithful to the studio sound; everything that involves playing such varied genres with Tame Impala.

Tame Impala drummer
Kevin Parker was accompanied by the rest of his band at Tame Impala. Photo: Stephania Carmona

A great detail in the context of this show was that they gave a stuffed animal of a famous Dr Simi to Kevin Parker, who thanked him even though he didn’t know what it was and said: “Is he like a doctor? Thanks guys.” Nothing more suitable for someone in recovery“.

Kevin Parker joked about his condition during the Tame Impala show

In their first concert of 2023, Tame Impala released all the energy saved for more than four months. The impeccable coordination blew our minds in complex roles like “Let It Happen” or “Runway, Houses, City, Clouds”in which the time count did not fail them one bit.

“This is the day I’ve been waiting for, something different for me, obviously. My body is slightly broken, but my spirit is one hundred percent.”Kevin Parker said emotionally to a deafening crowd that chanted his name all night.

Kevin Parker and his crutches: This was the Tame Impala concert in CDMX
Kevin Parker earned the respect of his Mexican fans. Photo: Stephania Carmona

“Let’s go crazy Mexico City style,” Kevin said before the iconic first guitar slam “Elephant”. Song that obviously caused the floor of the Palacio de los Deportes to shake during the Tame Impala concert. Chinese skin!

Tame Impala gave a concert that pleased everyone in CDMX

If something did not stop surprising us, it was how much people reacted to the different facets of Tame Impala. In the same concert “Elephant”, “New Person, Same Old Mistakes”, “The Less I Know the Better” or “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards” they move people to the same extent but in different ways.

The intense dance in the most electronic with some pop and funk, the intense rocking with various hymns that the band has created and the amazement at Kevin’s materialized imagination in sound explorations, They were celebrated by a full Sports Palace.

Kevin Parker and his crutches: This was the Tame Impala concert in CDMX
The Australian musician came out to give one of the most emotional and special shows for Tame Impala fans. Photo: Stephania Carmona

Recognizing that we would not see him dance as usual, but asking for the help of the people, Kevin Parker made us laugh several times and of course we heard wild shouts of “I LOVE YOU KEVIN!” every time he addressed his fans.

Definitely, this Tame Impala concert is one of the most exciting and emotional so far this year And although two thousand and twenty-three are many months away, Kevin Parker won our hearts by preferring to go out on crutches rather than disappoint us. Hero!

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