Is Marta's body here?  The enclave pointed out by Antonio del Castillo that launches a new search

January 24, 2009 was the last day that the parents of 17-year-old Marta del Castillo saw her leave the house. Fourteen years after her disappearance, her family continues to search for the young woman’s body and, now, they have raised a new body search in an enclave indicated by his father, Antonio del Castillo.

The body of the Sevillian woman was never located, although Miguel Carcaño, who was 19 years old at the time, was sentenced to 21 years and three months in jail after confessing to the crime. Given the unknown whereabouts of Marta’s body, her father, who has never stopped looking for her, has published a photo on social networks of the place where his daughter could be found, relying on a statement by Miguel Carcaño.

“More than 6 months ago, they promised me that it would be the National Police Force (CNP) who would look at this with discretion. Today, the word given is worth what it is worth. I’ll take care of it. The site is not seen because yes, many indications“, accompanies the image. Thus, he exposes his disappointment after, according to him, the Police have not kept their word to investigate in the surroundings of an abandoned well.

Although the specific location of the area has not been revealed in the publication, del Castillo assures that his daughter could have been thrown there taking into account some words from Miguel Carcaño. “There was something circular of concrete in the trench,” Antonio has shared paraphrasing a statement by the confessed author, assuring that it is “something he had never said before.”

For its part, the National Police has specified that the place to which the victim’s father has referred “is located in a private property and it is an agricultural land in which there was a plantation”.

Although the agents indicate that the crop “has already been harvested”, now they hope “obtain authorization from its owner to carry out the search, in the event that the efforts being made result in objective elements that make it possible to establish the possibility” that the tracking efforts yield a “positive” result.

“As soon as these steps are completed, the Judicial Authority will be informed of the result thereof, in order to start the search“said the National Police.

However, there are already hundreds of users who, through social networks, have sent signs of support and have offered to collaborate and help Antonio del Castillo to search for the remains of his daughter in the area. “If you need labor to help you, you only have to say the place and timeWe are many, Sevillians, Andalusians and Spaniards who would give anything for you and your family to finally rest”, comment one. “Put an account number and we help as we can to pay for cranes, excavators, detectives, whatever it takes,” adds another.

Archived the open cause to search for the body

Last year, the Justice filed the case open since 2009 corresponding to the search for the body of Marta del Castillo, considering that the period for the investigation had already expired. At the time, Antonio described the closing of the judicial piece as “shame” and declared that it was all “the consequence of a bad police investigation and a bad instruction.”

In the same way, the Third Section of the Court of Seville dismissed the appeal of the family of Marta del Castillo against the decision of the judge of Instruction number four that authorized an expert to access and extract the “raw telephone data” of the motives of Miguel Carcaño and Marta, but not those of the rest of those involved in the case, such as Carcaño’s brother, Francisco Javier Delgado; his girlfriend María García Mendaro, Carcaño’s friend Samuel Benítez or the young Francisco Javier García, known as ‘El Cuco’.

Antonio del Castillo, Marta's father, appears before the media.

The first three were acquitted after the trial held in 2011 against the adults accused of this crime, while in the case of Cuco, he was convicted by a Juvenile Court for covering up the murder perpetrated by Carcaño. Already in 2022, Criminal Court number seven sentenced him, along with his mother, to two years in prison for a crime of perjuryin their appearances as witnesses in the aforementioned trial held in 2011 against the adults.

The appeal of the victim’s parents was dismissed “since the new doctrine of the Supreme Court is applicable (…), which considers the investigation period to have expired without previously agreeing to its extension, since there was no interested party for the accusations said pronouncement, an effect that must be appreciated in these proceedings, which began on November 9, 2009” as “separate piece to continue the efforts to search and locate the body” of the victim, “without a resolution subsequently being issued to extend the investigation period.”

previous decisions

In this sense, the Third Section defended the finality of the judgment of the Supreme Court, after being appealed in cassation against the judgment of the Seventh Section of the first instance on the main piece started regarding this crime; as well as the second file of the proceedings against Francisco Javier Delgado, Carcaño’s brother, on account of the accusations in which he accused him of being the real culprit.

Citing a detailed jurisprudence, the Third Section of the Hearing declared “concluded the investigation phase given the duration of the investigation”, specifically “12 years, eleven months and 17 days”, which “also prevents taking into account the agreed actions once the investigation period has ended, in accordance with the jurisprudential doctrine, without resulting in any criminal action other than the one to which it was subjected. prosecution in the main or main piece”, settled with the conviction of Miguel Carcaño.

Three gentlemen hold posters with the photo of Marta del Castillo at the doors of the Seville court.

The court thus dismissed the appeal of the victim’s family and confirmed the denial of “the practice of new evidence proceedings”, in this order against which there was no room for “any ordinary appeal”.

However, recently the Prosecutor’s Office formalized a letter ensuring that the search piece of the corpse “it will always remain open until the body appears, without any time limit”after which it requested the judicial authority to specify said end in its next resolution.

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