Comipems 2023 Exam: How many correct answers do you need to enter an IPN Voca?

Do you want to enter an IPN vocational? Take note because here we will tell you how many hits do you need to stay in the CECyT (Center for Scientific and Technological Studies) of the Polytechnic.

First you should know that the applicants to enter a higher secondary education institution will apply their exam on the days June 17 and 18 or 24 and 25 to carry out the test and the results will be announced two months later.

The contest for Higher Secondary Education (Comipems 2023) is an applicant selection process that takes place in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Mexico City, which evaluates the skills and knowledge of adolescents.

The assignment process works from the scores, that is, a computer generates information that is incorporated into a database, and this, in turn, into a computer program that processes all the accumulated information.

Therefore, for an aspirant to stay in the IPN needs, on average, from 86 to 106 hits. However, each vocational requires a certain number of hits, which we will tell you below.

These hits you need to enter an IPN vocational

  • CET 1, Walter Cross Buchanan: 83 hits
  • CECyT 1, Gonzalo Vázquez Vela: 85 hits
  • CECyT 2, Miguel Bernard: 88 hits
  • CECyT 3, Estanislao Ramírez Ruiz: 93 hits
  • CECyT 4, Lázaro Cárdenas: 83 hits
  • CECyT 5, Benito Juárez García: 91 hits
  • CECyT 6, Miguel Othón de Mendizábal: 91 hits
  • CECyT 7, Cuauhtémoc: 90 hits
  • CECyT 8, Narciso Bassols: 84 hits
  • CECyT 9, Juan de Dios Bátiz Paredes, 104 hits
  • CECyT 10, Carlos Vallejo Márquez, 85 hits
  • CECyT 11, Wilfrido Massieu, 81 hits
  • CECyT 12, José María Morelos: 84 hits
  • CECyT 13, Ricardo Flores Magón: 94 hits
  • CECyT 14, Luis Enrique Erro Soler: 85 hits
  • CECyT 15, Diódoro Antúnez Echegaray: 90 hits

When are the results of Comipems 2023 published?

They say that “after the storm, calm comes”; however, that saying may not apply to the students who performed the COMIPEMS exam, since they will have to wait more than a month to know their result and to know in which high school they stayed.

The results of the test will be published on August 18 on the COMIPEMS portal.

The identification number assigned to each student will show their result, as well as the assigned school. The results of the COMIPEMS 2023 exam may also be notified through email, which was provided by the applicants at the time of pre-registration.

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