"your face sounds familiar": Krzysztof Ibisz did it again!  What happened in the second episode?

Recall that Christopher Ibisz triumphed in the first episode of the new edition “your face sounds familiar”. The presenter brilliantly played in Maciej Maleńczukarousing admiration among the judges.

The second episode started very romantic, with a song “Que sera sera (whatever will be, will be)” Doris Day. She played the singing actress this time Kasia Koleczek.

“You look gorgeous in this dress. Really, that’s how femininity used to be, who cared? It was beautiful, graceful, colorful lightly. Of course I would be holding my breath. If you took more of it, you’d have more lightness to finish the phrase. You are beautiful, wonderful and I am delighted with you. Your loose and light approach to the program, because this is really the only good way. Cool!” she commented Małgorzata Walewska.

“I am amazed at how graceful you are. You fit in perfectly with those times. I really like the whole staging, this imitation. It’s a very difficult acting job to walk and talk at the same time. Few people can do that, and you walked, sang and danced with a child” – added Paul Domagala.

Another one appeared on the scene Oscar Cymswhich as Kasia Kowalska sang a hit “Something optimistic”.

“There’s no way it’s you, Oscar, that there’s a boy in there. An absolute Oscar for the work, because I know how little time there is to prepare. I was on that side too. You know, Kaśka has a bit more claw in her voice, but I am very impressed with your work, your metamorphosis, because that’s what this program is all about. Way to go!” he concluded Robert Janowski.

Kasia Kowalska’s song brought back memories for Paweł Domagała. “I remember the colonies in Jastrzębia Góra. There was a girl with whom, unfortunately, nothing worked out. Though maybe thank God because the last time I saw her, it was her favorite song. You touch my sanctities – Kasia Kowalska, just 5. I’m surprised because you look like Kasia. I really like you and I hope we can go for coffee together” he joked.

“Huge progress since last week, I’m delighted. If I could advise you, it would be to not be afraid, to screw it up like this Kamil Glik” added the judge.

Natalia Janoszek she performed her friend’s song, Dawid Kwiatkowski“Easy”.

“You had this nonchalance in your movements, which is difficult with your height difference. He is a successful man, he goes out and in his attitude, his eyesight, you can see that he is aware of how many fans there are squealing. What you two had in common was that I understood just as little from the text, not because I don’t read with comprehension, but because of the pronunciation. Anyway, you brought us a lot of joy. I hope David will like it too. I like David very much, although I don’t know him. I like him in absentia, and David, don’t blame us” – summed up Małgorzata Walewska.

“Natalia, every task here is difficult, you know it. It’s really hard with this timbre, because you have to lower your voice, get a masculine timbre, so you miss that smile and that joy. Vocally, it was a moderately successful procedure, but bravo Natalko for your acting talent. You handled the character and I don’t see Natalia Janoszek there at all” – commented Robert Janowski.

Daria she picked up the song “A better model” Kasia Klich. “I will not refer to the lyrics of the song, with which I completely disagree. Anyway, you did a great job as Kasia Klich. I love this scenery, such a climate, I was born too late. For example, I would like to go to the cinema by horse-drawn carriage. I liked it a lot, I didn’t expect you to catch the timbre. You have an ear as a singer, it’s so easy to deceive me that it was Kasia Klich in large fragments” – commented Robert Janowski.

Małgorzata Walewska also praised the participant: “First of all, great vocals. Very consistent color management. Intonation absolutely flawless. I have nothing to attach to at all. You were so electrifying that I didn’t pay attention to the rest”.

Piotr Stramowski this time he appeared on the scene as Sting in a hit “Roxanne” his group The Police. The same character was played by Robert Janowski. “I was Sting on that show too. It was a border for me, after crossing which I changed the way I think about this program. Each song was new territory for me, I was picking up new competencies that I didn’t even know existed. I envy you that Sting. I looked at you like a father looking at his son who is passing his final exams and keeping his fingers crossed for it to succeed”.

Paweł Domagała had similar feelings: “Just like Robert, I treat you like a father to a son. You are definitely made for the role of policemen, although I have a huge fondness for yours Cher and I think I will remember it for the rest of my life. Today, unfortunately, I’m sorry to say, you sang very well. Everything is fine, I’m very impressed. I wasn’t expecting this, and it’s nice to be so surprised. congratulations”.

Daniel Jaroszek (the winner of the casting for the program) played the role of George Ezra singing a song “Shotgun”. “I’m a huge fan of George and I love this song as well as all his songs because he’s so talented. And now I will seriously say that I liked it very much, because it is so difficult that it is like nothing. And even if you do it right, everyone thinks it’s nothing. It was colorful and clean. Huge chapeau bass, loved it” – assessed Pawel Domagała.

Małgorzata Walewska had a hard nut to crack: “I have a stick and a carrot here. I’ll start with the carrot. You were great vocally, just great! You know that’s what I’m allergic to. Now about this stick. It’s like you swallowed a stick. I just didn’t have the spontaneity to make it look like you were making up the moves yourself. You’re great, but you still have work to do”.

Julia Kaminska turned into a charismatic, inscrutable one David Bowie. His track “Let’s Dance” requiring concentration on a low, deep voice, and at the same time feline movements, was not the easiest to repeat. “I salute you for the titanic work you’ve done. It is such a difficult task. When David Bowie is broken down into its first parts, you have to study each word, because each one can contain a completely different emission. This is impossible to fake. The hardest job I’ve ever seen. I really liked it. I wouldn’t be as brave as you. I would die, and you wouldn’t – said Robert Janowski.

Paweł Domagała also added words of appreciation: “When I found out that you were going to be David, I thought that it couldn’t be done, that it wasn’t a good idea to expose someone to such a shot on this programme. It’s such charisma and personality. Really huge respect for it, because it has such a specific timbre and it’s very difficult. And I have no complaints about the acting. If I ever do a David Bowie movie, you’ve got a part for me” the juror suggested.

The stake of performers was closed by the winner from last week – Christopher Ibisz. The popular Polsat presenter appeared as Wierka Serdiuczka. This is a Ukrainian singer, actor, satirist Andriy Danylko, who performs under the pseudonym Verka as a drag queen. track “Dancing Lasha Tumbai”presented by Ibisz, won the hearts of the audience at Eurovision in 2007.

“Chris, I can’t believe what I’m seeing. Before you left for that performance, I wanted to tell your mother that I envy her such a son, but now I have my doubts. congratulations. Krzyś Ibisz will no longer be the same Krzyś Ibisz. But what distance do you have to yourself, you have shapely legs, in general, that you keep it in your pants, it’s just a shame. Many a woman will die of envy” – said totally stunned Małgorzata Walewska.

“What fetlocks he has! I am also glad that you play with fashion both in life and on stage. I don’t really know in what categories to consider it, but it was fun. I also wanted to say that Verka is an opponent of Putin and performs in the Kiev metro. Yesterday I was talking to friends from Ukraine and I wanted to say on their behalf and on my behalf – eat… Putin” – emphasized Paweł Domagała bluntly.

The episode was won by Krzysztof Ibisz as Wierka Serdiuczka. He gave a check for PLN 10,000 to the charges of the Polsat Foundation.

1. Krzysztof Ibisz
2. Oscar Cyms
3. Piotr Stramowski
4. Daria Marx
5. Daniel Jaroszek
6. Kasia Koleczek
7. Julia Kaminska
8. Natalia Janoszek.

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