Vote for a candidate from the most intimate trust

In theory, voters decide their vote in a rational and informed manner. They investigate the different electoral offers of the candidates, compare them and discuss them with family and friends; they review in detail the tie between said offers and their ideological position; and finally they vote for the candidate of their choice. The reality is different. The voter rarely votes in a rational and informed manner, nor does he compare the different electoral offers in detail. He does it, generally, with his entrails or in an impressionistic way. For this reason, he privileges his emotions, inflamed by social networks, informal chats at work or conversations in the cafe, the bar or roast meat with friends. In this case, there is no militant ideology behind your vote.

Therefore, I developed a twelve-question questionnaire so that the average voter, beyond reason or emotion, defines his vote based on his perception of confidence in one of the candidates for the elections this coming June 4 in Coahuila:

1.- You will go on vacation for a month; Which candidate would you leave the keys to your house to take care of it?

2.- You have three children not older than 10 years. Suddenly, he is forced to leave the city with his wife for an emergency, to which candidate would he entrust his children during his absence?

3.- You have a dog and two cats, but your job requires you to leave the city for a week. Which candidate would you entrust your pets to for seven days?

4.- Which of the candidates, do you think, could be trusted with a personal secret and know that they will not share it with anyone else?

5.- Which candidate do you imagine could sit down to sign with a group of deaf people or squat down to talk to short people?

6.- Which candidate do you perceive has the sensitivity to look at women as their peer?

7.- You did a great deal and you want to celebrate it, which of the candidates would you invite to celebrate it?

8.- Which of the candidates would you invite as godfather for your son or daughter’s baptism?

9.- Which of them would you invite to your daughter’s or son’s wedding?

10.- A dear friend of the candidates dies, which of them, can you imagine, would be at the funeral, would attend each of the requiem masses, would be attentive to the widow and her children and would remember him every year with some private event?

11.- Which of the candidates –with their respective wife– would you invite to your home to celebrate Christmas with your family?

12.- It’s the day of the Super Bowl, the Liga MX final or major league baseball, which candidate would you invite to your garden for barbecue, have some beer and watch the game?

The candidate who obtains the most votes in this questionnaire will be the one for whom you will have to vote. Because it would respond to your most intimate and personal perception of trust.

Note: The author is Director General of ICAI. His views do not represent those of the institution.

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