"The square of terror": that's what they call a neighborhood in the center of La Plata due to the wave of robberies

During the last hours several cases were reported / Roberto Acosta

The facts of insecurity do not give truce and, as EL DIA has been reflecting, they have residents of various areas of the Region in suspense. In this context -for a few weeks- another neighborhood in the urban center of La Plata is being stalked by various criminal episodes whose axis is robbery. By day, afternoon or night, the main objectives of those who offend are private properties, where they attack with all kinds of modalities, and worst of all: with extreme violence.

Those affected live in the vicinity of Plaza Hipólito Yrigoyen, and it is replicated in the vicinity of Calle 60 to 66, and Avenida 19 to 25. “The square of terror” some frontists dare to say since day after day many they experience insecurity firsthand.

This was replicated in the last few hours, as reported in its previous edition, in a cruel criminal raid that took place at the intersection of 61st Street and the corner of 22nd Street. There, three families were victims of a gang of thugs who they acted in broad daylight and brutally beat a woman.

At the beginning of that month, three episodes were recorded in a radius of six blocks and in broad daylight. And, according to the story of the victims, the thieves usually act on board a vehicle that -at this time- seeks to be identified.

“There are four or five people who have been causing robberies in houses and destruction in shops. The truth is that they look like kids between 20 and 25 years old, no more”, revealed a front member from the area in dialogue with this newspaper.

It is worth mentioning that in the midst of the criminal raid on Tuesday, which occurred between 2 and 4 p.m., vandalism was also recorded earlier in a business on the block of 22nd Street. “I am encouraged to say that it is a liberated zone, it is not understood how it is possible that in a few days several neighbors suffer all kinds of robberies and vandalism,” another neighbor expressed indignation, who confirmed the damage in a neighborhood pollajería.

In this context, the neighborhood concern is very great and they fear criminal acts. “We make complaints, we have provided details of the thieves, but apparently it is not possible for them to be caught because they continue to do their thing,” said a neighbor who “disengaged” them from entering the house since she was left in the middle of two violated homes.


The block of 61 and 22 was altered by the series of illegal acts and at this time they are thinking of a meeting between the frontists to ask for security in the face of the actions of criminals in the neighborhood.

“The most serious thing is that they are not satisfied with stealing, they are violent and many are armed. It is terrifying to know that we are unprotected in our own home,” a victim told EL DIA.

Another violent entry that was recorded this week took place in a house located on Calle 59 and 29. There at least three subjects (who are believed to be the same ones who have been causing havoc), entered the home and the violence was such that one victim ended up in the hospital for a fracture.

Given these reported episodes and types of robbery, frontists are analyzing raising a record of the events that have occurred in recent weeks before the authorities to stop the string of thefts. “Something will have to be done, it is not healthy to live like this, that is why we need more patrols in the area,” concluded a neighbor.

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