Natalia Del Cogliano on the index to measure the food quota

The official pointed out that, although she does not have a specific implementation date because technical details are being finalized, the index will be communicated by INDEC on a monthly basis.

“Family Justice should begin to rely on it, there are other issues in the middle in this type of litigation, but it will give predictability to those mothers who have to work or care for children alone,” clarified Del Cogliano, who explained that it will be a number related to the basic basket of care and food. “We are talking about 1.6 million single-parent homes where 3 million children live; we are talking about a situation of great inequality,” he stressed.

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From the Ministry of Economy they clarified the social importance of having a meter to guarantee a fair food quota.

At this point, the specialist highlighted the importance of “focusing on children and adolescents” because “we are talking about economic inequality for mothers because they do not have the time to go out to work, it is a complex situation, but above all of not mortgaging the future of these children because they are unequal to others who receive contributions from both parents”.

“In 3 out of 5 households the quota is not received as they should, there is work to be done so that this debt begins to be met. We are talking about 417 billion pesos owed if we consider what these households did not receive,” concluded.

What is the Parenting Index

  • It is a reference value to know how much families allocate to feed, clothe, guarantee housing, move and care for children and adolescents
  • The Index allows informing judges, lawyers and organizations that work with children and youth so that their rights are fulfilled
  • It is a tool to forecast the management and cost of care. For this reason, it is useful to distribute parenting expenses more equally, especially in the process of separating couples or after separation.
  • It is a pioneering statistical tool, since it constitutes the first official data of its kind in the world
  • The CI estimation methodology will be developed by INDEC. It will be made up of the cost of provision of essential goods and services for early childhood, childhood and adolescence, and the cost of child care.
  • Care is central to our economy. Knowing its value allows us to move towards a more egalitarian society
  • The Parenting Index (IC) is an INDEC input that will contribute to the organization and planning of family life and, therefore, to the management of care

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