“Should we all sue our ex-husbands now?”


Spain“Should we all sue our ex-husbands now?”

Ivana Moral toiled at least ten hours a day during her marriage – without pay. Now her ex-husband has to pay compensation of a good 204,000 francs – that divides the community.

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Ivana Moral (48) from Spain received 204,000 francs in compensation for 25 years of housework.


So she had to run the whole household alone.

So she had to run the whole household alone.

20 minutes/Simon Glauser

In addition, she also had to work for free in her husband's fitness center.  (icon picture)

In addition, she also had to work for free in her husband’s fitness center. (icon picture)

20 minutes/Matthias Spicher

That’s what it’s about

  • The 48-year-old Ivana Moral from Spain ran the household alone during her marriage and also helped out in her husband’s shops.

  • According to her own statement, she has received neither financial nor moral recognition for this.

  • Because of this, she sued her husband after the divorce. She was successful and was awarded compensation of a good 204,000 euros.

  • The opinions of the readers differ widely. While some welcome the judge’s decision, others have no understanding.

A man in Spain has to pay his ex-wife compensation of a good 204,000 francs for 25 years of housework. A judge in Vélez-Málaga decided that, as reported by Spanish media. There is a lot of discussion in the comments. Not all readers of the 20-Minute Community find the judge’s decision justified.

“Something you have to clarify before the wedding”

Reader lkmt, for example, finds the outcome of the court case unfair: “Food, lodging, insurance, holidays, medical expenses, clothing apparently financed 100 percent of the man.” He asks: “Can he then also claim back 50 percent of the expenses?” Fluzy doesn’t understand either: “After the man has paid for everything from his wages for 25 years, does he still have to pay for feeding her for 25 years?”

Reader Luna713 goes a little further and asks: “I was also married for over 20 years and took care of the household and children like many other women. So should we all sue our ex-husbands?” Valnes, on the other hand, is torn. He says: “There is no question that housework is work, but it’s just not gainful employment.” Many other commenters felt that both parties should have worked things out before the wedding. The word “marriage contract” is also mentioned several times.

“It should be like that here too”

But not everyone is critical of the decision. Many readers welcome the compensation. So does greentouch: «The verdict is certainly correct. Nobody has to work for free!» Schniddi is also behind it: “I find that very positive. It should be the same here.”

Many commenters calculate the amount down and write that they do not find the amount of the payment fair. Huschmie writes: “204,000 for 25 years is not a dream salary.” LeoS77 sees it the same way: “2.80 francs per hour on an eight-hour day – that’s not a sign.” Sawinu71 also has a clear opinion: “That’s a little more than 8,000 francs a year for housework – what a lousy wage for humiliation and work.” She goes a little further and writes: “The oppressed person in this relationship was not treated well.”

Strom92 writes that he thinks that compensation would be paid in such situations, but: “It is absurd that the earning part should basically pay a wage to the partner responsible for the household and children.”

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