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HP released an update for its printers that brought with it the inability to use third-party cartridges. This measure has not gone down well with users and, in fact, many have begun to express their complaints on social networks. What happens is that, if you don’t want your hp printer is updated, you will need to follow these steps to continue using these cartridges.

We are going to see in detail how to prevent your HP printer from updating and, although updates are usually something positive, in this case it is not what has happened. In fact, blocking the use of unofficial cartridges is quite a questionable move on HP’s part and one that has managed to infuriate users.

The first thing to keep in mind is that you have to avoid updates, so in case the update has skipped on your HP printer, what you will have to do is not update it. In case of having automatic updates activated, the process is somewhat more complex since it requires you to deactivate them completely.

To do this there are different methods, although the easiest is based on using the HP Smart App application. This application allows you to control the HP printer remotely and from it you can disable automatic updates, preventing any firmware from being downloaded and installed on the HP printer.

Turn off automatic updates with HP Smart on your HP printer

This is not the only method by which to disable automatic updates from HP, although the following two methods they are somewhat more complex. In fact, when using the HP Smart App you only have to follow the following path: advanced settings, security and manage settings. In this last menu you have the option to disable updates.

In case the update has already been applied, the only thing you can do is factory reset the HP printer and thus return it to the factory settings. The printer will have the version it was released with, although you may have to update it a couple of versions until it is at the version before the last update.

In short, the latest update that HP has launched has managed to put users who use printers on their feet on a day-to-day basis. And, it is that, using software that third-party cartridges are not compatible is something that has generated enormous controversy due to the nonsense that this implies for users.

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