Emotion, weddings and explosives: this has been the expected (and stretched) finale of 'Bitter Earth'

bitter landthe Turkish series that has been the leader of the afternoons on Antena 3 since its premiere in July 2021, said this afternoon its final goodbye with an expected outcome after almost two years of uninterrupted broadcasting, which the channel has stretched as much as possible to combine it with what is now its replacement in the afternoons, Original sin.

The story of Züleyha and the Yaman family, starring the actress Hilal Altinbilekhas reached its final outcome with the issuance of the last minutes of chapter 141. As we anticipated, the Atresmedia channel finally decided to cut into 10 installments the most anticipated episode of this Turkish production that has revolutionized afternoon audiences.

Adorable old lady Hamine has finally revealed her best kept secret

In this way, Çukurova’s characters have been closing their plots progressively and little by little for the die-hard viewers of the series, who have waited patiently to discover Fikret, Betül, Abdülkadir, Çolak in el destino final or the lovely old lady Haminna, who has finally revealed his best kept secret. Below is a review of the most important events of this latest episode of bitter land.

Betül, Abdülkadir y Çolak en la cárcel

As in any self-respecting soap opera with a happy ending, the full weight of justice had to fall on the very bad bad guys of the story. This has also ended up happening at the end of bitter landwhose truly bitter fate has forged itself with Abdulkadir, Betül y Çolak at los actos indecentes.

Betül’s painful reunion with Sermin before being arrested in ‘Bitter Land’


The owner of Autos Keskin and Betül fled to Syria together, with the help of Vahap, who eventually stayed in Çukurova after hearing the news that no one was really looking for him for any crime. Betül called Füsun from his hiding place in Aleppo to tell her mother that she was alive and well protected, but Füsun betrayed her trust and told Züleyha and Fikret about the call.

The friends of the Yaman mansion organized a search and capture plan and they managed to bring back Abdülkadir and Betül to Turkey to face them in court. Next to Colak, who was already in jail after being set up by Vahap, all three have been jailed for their crimes of murder. A comment at the end of the chapter indicates that Abdülkadir died in jail, killed during a fight, and Çölak died of diabetes some time later, while Betül was released after 24 years in prison and never returned to Çukurova again.

Betül and Abdülkadir chose to be arrested in Turkey before the outcome of ‘Bitter Earth’. (Atresmedia)

Betül’s mother and eternal confidante. Serminlives with the notion that his daughter imprisoned until dies in the 90s from a heart attack while continuing her work as a cleaning assistant at the town hall.

The troubled wedding of Fikret and Zeynep

One of the great unknowns of bitter land it was whether Fikret Fekeli would manage to fall in love again before the end of the series. The writers of the last season rushed to find Züleyha’s friend a perfect girl, who was introduced to him by his aunt Lütfiye at Züleyha and Hakan’s wedding, and that lit the flame of Çukurova’s blonde. In the last episode of the series, the boy proposed to Zeynepan elementary school teacher who comes to Cukurova and whom Fikret welcomed from the beginning.

Photo: Fikret thinks about the best way to ask Zeynep to marry him in this Friday's episode of 'Bitter Earth'.  (Atresmedia)
Fikret prepares the marriage proposal to Zeynep in ‘Bitter Land’


Their wedding plans were put on hold by the mission to capture Abdülkadir in Syria, something that worried his fiancée Zeynep and the viewers, since Fikret’s life was in danger again. Luckily, Fikret arrives in time for the wedding, which is organized in the garden of the Yaman mansion, and which is attended by all of Çukurova’s good friends… and the occasional insider.

The crazy Vahap finds out that his brother is back in jail and knows that the prosecutor will be present at Fikret’s wedding. The mobster prepares his last hit: shows up at the feast with explosives strapped to his body and threatens to blow everything up, including himself, if the prosecutor doesn’t release his brother within 24 hours. All the guests are terrified, but an unexpected hero steps into the fray: Gaffur’s assistant grandfather declares that he worked in his youth defusing bombs, and has quickly recognized that Vahap’s were fake.

Vahap surprises with one last attack before the end of ‘Bitter Land’. (Atresmedia)

Vahap is arrested and sent to a psychiatricwhere he will spend the rest of his days, and the ceremony resumes its course with all those present dancing to the music.

Other couples who also end up together

Zeynep and Fikret are not the only ones who end up happy and eat partridges in bitter land. Other couples from the Yaman mansion too They have found love at the last moment in the most unexpected way.

Photo: Gaffur meets the woman from the newspaper in this Monday's episode of 'Bitter Earth'.  (Atresmedia)
Gaffur finally meets his blind date in ‘Bitter Land’ in the face of Cevriye’s suspicion


Gaffer has found the perfect company for his daughter Üzum and he with Gulsum, the mysterious woman who announced herself in the newspaper. After a misunderstanding on her first date, the woman, a widow with a son Üzum’s age, has shown that she has several things in common with the foreman. The widow has come to Fikret’s wedding as the foreman’s companion, and Gaffur has proposed to organize her own wedding before summer. Gülsüm has agreed and Gaffur has jumped out of the chair to celebrate.

On the other hand, it seems that Cevriyethe cook of the Yaman mansion has put aside the idea of ​​conquering Gaffur, and focuses all her efforts on her assistant, Uncle Ivo. Fadik has managed to convince the couple that they are made for each other, although really What moves Cevriye the most about him are his properties.

Züleyha has achieved her goal: to become a political leader of Çukurova

Seeing that Gaffur has proposed to Gülsüm at Fikret’s wedding, Ivo tries to do the same to Cevriye, but needs some pointers to do it correctly. Fadik and Gaffur suggest that she kneel down to formalize the request, and Cevriye can finally imagine herself dressed in white.

Finally, a gesture of nausea alerted Fadik before Receipt one marches along with Fikret to fetch Abdülkadir from Syria. The young assistant suspects that she is pregnantand Züleyha helps Fadik to tell her husband about it on his return.

Rasit and Fadik will be parents in the long-awaited end of ‘Bitter Earth’. (Atresmedia)

When Rasit was in the middle of one of her typical arguments with Gaffur, Züleyha goes to meet her and reprimands the foreman and his assistant. Actually, what Züleyha plans is give way to Fadik and tell him the exciting news. Cevriye, Gaffur and her daughter have congratulated the future parents.

Züleyha rises as political leader

In a story in which love has prevailed, it is precisely its protagonist, Züleyha Yaman, which has ended the series without a partner. Of course, she has done well accompanied by friends and loved ones.

The great lady of the region is happy to transmit her love for the land to her children, and has achieved her ultimate goal: to execute the death of her husband Hakan and become quite a political leader of Çukurova with the distribution of her husband’s inheritance to a foundation and the fight for the protection of the labor rights of workers, with special attention to women, thus earning the affection of all her people.

It was all an Adnan movie

And what of Haminne? In a metareferential twist, we discover that Adnantime later and already being an adult, preparing a film about his mother and the land where he grew up. That is to say, all the events that occurred during the series have been a recreation for Adnan’s film.

Haminne reveals who her long-awaited governor is in the ‘Bitter Land’ finale. (Atresmedia)

Through a final interview with the elderly Haminne, who lived to be 109 years old, her great-grandson Adnan finally understands who is the famous governor Abdi Pashawhich he always talks about.

In her youth, Haminne attended an event at the sultan’s house, where she saw for the first time the love of her life, whom she waited for two years to return from the front. The man was engaged to the daughter of a landowner and married her, thus breaking poor Haminne’s heart forever.

The woman never lost hope of reuniting with her lover, because the land of Çukurova has always had room for illusion, even in its moments of greatest pain and darkness. With this conclusion, Adnan ends his film with a clapperboard, and bitter land becomes history of turkish television.

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