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Are you looking for a movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat for almost the entire screening? Are you hungry for a solid dose of adrenaline taken sitting down? “Don’t look down” is the perfect proposition for you. You will find it e.g. in the service Premieres of CANAL+.

Don’t look down – description of the plot of the film

There is no denying that the main plot of the film “Don’t Look Down” is not overly developed. The whole thing can be summarized in one short sentence, which of course does not have to be a disadvantage. Sometimes movies that can be told quickly are the best. Coming to the point – the heroes of “Don’t look down” are Becky’s friends (Grace Caroline Currey) and Hunter (Virginia Gardner). Climbing is their passion, but more than a year earlier they witnessed a tragedy – Becky’s husband fell while climbing a mountain peak and died on the spot. In the present, the women decides to climb the abandoned B67 television tower in the California desert. This tower is one of the tallest structures in the world, measuring 624.5 meters. However, when the tower’s ladder breaks, Becky and Hunter are trapped at the very top of the platform. Unable to call for help, they must put their skills to the test and find their way down together. Will they succeed?

Don’t look down if you’re afraid of heights

Don't look down movie review 2022 streaming

To sum up, the main theme of the film “Don’t look down” is two women “trapped” on top of the tower, which is more than half a kilometer above the ground. The creators skilfully processed the schemes of claustrophobic thrillers in closed rooms, but in this case they achieved this effect in the open. Additionally, adding the aspect of height to the equation, which already makes a powerful impression. Thanks to the great photos. They are probably the best part of the entire movie. Not only do they look great, showing us impressive frames from the very top of the tower, but they also deftly raise the tension and sense of hopelessness in which the heroines of “Don’t Look Down” find themselves.

This, of course, is also the main highlight of the program and the element of this film that gathers the greatest emotions. The high-altitude sequences are truly chilling and breathtaking. It is hardly surprising that, as reported by the media, some viewers during the screening had problems with blood pressure, heart, dizziness or excessive stress generation were also reported. It got to the point that Netflix, which is the distributor of “Don’t Look Down” in the UK and Ireland, began to warn viewers that the screening can cause dizziness.

Don’t look down movie review

“Don’t Look Down” is one of those films that put form above substance. The first one is really impressive and the very fact that the action takes place in a tiny space high above the ground distinguishes this production from others. In the USA, “Don’t Look Down” was shown in cinemas, also in IMAX, and I can only guess that it could provide viewers with amazing experiences there. But on smaller screens it will also be able to do its job.

Don't look down 2022 movie review where to watch

The plot, however, is not a very clever film, just like its heroines. Not only are they both irritating, but they also make a ton of obvious mistakes and act like idiots at times. Of course, if they hadn’t, they wouldn’t have been on top of the huge tower and there wouldn’t have been a movie, but the fact is the fact. The creators, however, try to add some depth to their work and present the motivations of both women, in the background we have not only mourning, trauma and loss, but also a difficult relationship with the father. However, all this is at the hallmark level, so don’t expect outstanding dialogues and poignant drama in this regard from “Don’t Look Down”.

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I must mention, however, that both actresses in the main roles, whatever the characters they play, do a great job. They brilliantly play the initial fear with the determination that follows it – they are extremely believable in all this, and the emotional backbone of the film rests largely on their shoulders. In order to enjoy the show, however, you have to turn a blind eye to a lot of nonsense, it’s enough to mention that over half a kilometer above the ground two people have no problems with strong wind and spend several days on two square meters without food and water. and some great acrobatics. But there is no point in whining about the improbabilities, because in the case of this type of production, what counts is the impression it makes. “Don’t Look Down” is not an outstanding film, but it keeps you in suspense like few in recent months. It’s worth checking it out. If you dare.

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