Communication for the students of Amici22: "On Sunday all the jerseys of the evening will be collected"

Friends of Maria De Filippi 2022/2023

In the daytime of Amici 22 today, the moment was shown in which the students were given an unexpected communication: “In Sunday’s episode, the gold jersey will be withdrawn from everyone. A vote of all teachers will be carried out to determine which of you will access the Evening.

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Friends of Maria De Filippi 2022/2023

After the decision of Rudy Zerbi to assign the Evening shirt to little gin the house of Friends Of Maria de Philippi, as shown in today’s daytime, Friday 10 March, an unexpected communication has arrived. Benedetta, a pupil of Raimondo Todaro, read the message received in front of the rest of her classmates: “On Sunday the gold jersey will be collected from all the students who have received it“.

Communication to the students of Amici 22

Benedetta, the dancer who was a pupil of Raimondo Todaro, read the letter received from the production of Amici 22 in front of all the students in the communication room. The message reveals what has been decided for the episode of Sunday 12 March 2023. “The production took into account the fact that only some teachers have legitimately decided to select their respective students in view of the evening and that there are no evening shirts for everyone”. Therefore it has officially decided the following:

During Sunday’s episode, the Evening shirt will be collected from all those who have had it so far and announces that to determine which of you will access the Friends Evening, a selection will be made through a vote of all singing and dance teachers through the methods you will discover in the episode.

“I disagree but for those who already have it. Those who have earned it, have earned it”the words of NDG. “I think it’s a matter of fairness”, the comment of Alessio. “As if we all started from scratch, maybe it’s the right thing for everyone” continued Mattia Zenzola. Some kids pointed out that a dance teacher might not be an expert in singing, and vice versa. “I think it’s the right thing. We have to study everything, on Sunday they can ask us for anything and more”the comment of Wax.

Michele Bravi, Cristiano Malgioglio and Giuseppe Giofrè are the judges of the evening of Amici 22

The secret phone call between Piccolo G and Maria de Filippi

Before they showed the moment in which the young students learned the news read by Benedetta, Piccolo G was summoned twice by Rudy Zerbi to the rehearsal room. After confessing to his pupil that he was not ready for the evening, the teacher changed his mind: Maria de Filippi called the pupil for a chat that remained secret for viewers but not for the teacher, which changed his fate . These are Rudy’s words: “I know that what you just said to each other with Maria will never be aired. But I can’t deny that I listened to it. And hearing it I finally saw a part of you that I had never seen before that I always hoped was there but that you you can’t pull it off. If you want, I’m ready to face the Evening with you”.

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