La concejala destituida, Celia Santos, y el alcalde de Fuencaliente, Gregorio Alonso.

The mayor of Fuencaliente, Gregorio Alonso (CC), dismissed one of his councilors, Celia Santos, yesterday morning, when he met through 7.7 Radio La Palma that this will run in the elections next May under the acronym of the PSOE. A decision that, according to the councilor in a statement, has generated “loss of confidence” in the mayor, who will become non-attached until the end of this legislature.

Later, in a post on social networks, Santos explained that he still had nothing firm about his political future, despite the conversations that he admits to having had with other formations. However, given that once the news of his possible departure was made public in the aforementioned medium, it was dispensed with, “my doubts have been clarified.” “I am not afraid of anything or anyone,” she stressed on Facebook.

Regarding the reasons that have led to this situation, the councilor now from the opposition pointed to differences within the government group, made up of four other members of the same party: “As many people know, especially In Fuencaliente, relations (…) have not been good for some time now. This is nothing new”. However, she did not want to provide details about these discrepancies “because it would never end.” “Anyone who wants to know what really happened just contact me and I’ll show them,” she said at the post.

Likewise, Celia Santos insisted that “both the PSOE and other parties had offered me to lead the lists in my town”, but “I had not yet made any decision”. And she confessed to having transferred to those responsible for the aforementioned radio station that, “due to the treatment received” in recent months, “I was considering many things, since I have every right to do what I want.”


The striking thing about the case at hand is that the nationalists, far from having plans to dispense with their services, until what happened yesterday wanted to nominate her for other estates, as she herself revealed, noting that “I have rejected CC’s proposal to go on the Cabildo lists two days ago”. “What I have communicated is that I want to stay working in my town, Fuencaliente, and finish all the work I have been doing since 2019,” she added.

On the other hand, he reported that when he arrived at his job, taking into account that his possible signing by the PSOE, “the secretary of the City Council informs me of my dismissal”, without having had the opportunity “to explain or defend myself in the face of so much injustice and thus be able to demonstrate and tell what has truly happened internally”. In this sense, she cites a meeting requested by her with the members of the Canarian Coalition that, she stated, Gregorio Alonso refused to hold: “Now I understand why.”

From the Consistory they specified that the powers of Tourism Promotion, Culture and Festivals will be assumed by the mayor provisionally, until they are distributed among the members of the municipal government. “It is a sad moment (…) we have been working side by side with our partner for four years,” Alonso stressed, while clarifying that the decision to leave “should have been communicated to us personally so we would not find out from the media.”


In the internal chat of Coalición Canaria de Fuencaliente, the facts also spread very quickly. According to the non-attached mayor, from the moment the local official told her that she was expelled as head of the area, Patricia Hernández Alonso, deputy mayor, “removed” her from the WhatsApp group.

Subsequently, another councilor, Joel Hernández, uploaded the news published by 7.7 La Palma as part of your editorial the troubadour, and then the mayor Gregorio Alonso writes: “Good morning. I have just dismissed Celia as councilor of the Government group. As you will understand, after hearing this he could not continue with us.

That is the inside story of how the local councilor and Celia Santos put an end to their political relationship, after having decided to count on her to be part of the lists in the 2019 elections, where she obtained an absolute majority.

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