728 rapists in blood red: Ayuso's PP portrays Montero while she hides her law at the UN

A jersey with the number 728 inscribed in blood red. This is what a PP deputy in Madrid has used to denounce the disastrous law of Irene Montero, known as the law of only yes is yes, which has already lowered the sentences for more than 700 sexual offenders. This, while the Minister of Equality stood out before the UN on feminist politics of the Government of Spain without a single mention of his controversial law.

Specifically, it was Lucía Fernández, president of the PP of San Sebastián de los Reyes and deputy in the Madrid Assembly, who wore this shirt while talking about the plot of the Tito Berni. As can be seen in the video that accompanies these lines, the leader popular has shone a t-shirt with the number of rapists benefited by the Montero law in his last intervention in the Assembly.

«Gentlemen of Podemos and PSOE have created a law in favor of lowering the sentences for sexual crimes to more than 729 aggressors; a law in favor of putting 74 aggressors on the street. What you have created is the law of fear; the fear of going out to the street, to school, to institute, to work, to the university. They are intimidating hundreds of women”, he pointed out before sentencing: “You, who want to go home alone and drunk as your leader defends, are plaguing the street with rapists.”

The speech has left the bench on the left so knocked out that they have not wanted to use their turn to reply. On the other hand, it should be noted that the trickle of sales, which is incessant, made the deputy popularas he has confessed to OKDIARIO, I had to make several shirts with different numbers because the number does not stop growing.

Meanwhile, at the UN headquarters in New York, Irene Montero has tried to defend the policies of the Executive of Pedro Sánchez, although without referring at any time to the law of only yes is yes. «Spain has increased investment economy in the fight against sexist violence and in public conciliation policies”, he highlighted, ignoring the regulations that have put 74 rapists and sexual abusers on the street.

Likewise, the Minister for Equality has called “not to forget” that the task of leaders is also “to eradicate political violence against women human rights defenders” and has asked that “everyone can be who they are without suffering discrimination, incorporating the rights of trans people and LGTBI people in the feminist agenda».

A speech that has been delivered just one day after an 8M -International Women’s Day- that has been marked by the division around the Trans Law. In fact, on the same Wednesday morning a group of young people broke into an act in Montero to show their disagreement with the new regulations promoted by Equality.

Tito Berni

In addition to photographing Irene Montero, the deputy Lucía Fernández has brought out the colors of the PSOE with her intervention on the plot of the Tito Berni, Juan Bernardo Fuentes Curbelo, within the mediator case.

«The gentlemen of the most ridiculous and inconsistent left that has existed in the history of Spain claim to protect women in prostitution contexts, as their proposition states, but they have not made a single statement about the official PSOE whoremonger until the date, the Tito Berni», pointed out the deputy popular.

At another point in his speech before the Assembly, he also recalled that there is a video of the former Socialist deputy presenting himself “as a candidate for the Congress of Deputies for the island of Fuerteventura in which he speaks of values, of a Spain that is advancing, of beginning”. Something that surprises Lucía Fernández, who points out that “in the morning he voted in Congress against prostitution and at night he went to the brothels to defend sexual exploitation and make use of it.

«If you steal in money but you spend it in brothels and drugs, it is not corruption because it does not increase your heritage, come on, vice exonerates. The courage and little shame that must be had to defend this gentleman », he has sentenced.

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