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Google Maps has become one of the most used applications on smartphones and computers around the world, and being able to quickly view maps and routes is enormously useful.

Of course, despite the fact that it is a widely used application, the truth is that several of its characteristics and hidden functionalities are completely unknown. Because google mapslike any useful application, has a lot of hidden potential that we don’t take advantage of.

Today it’s time to talk about the 5 amazing things you can do with the apps from Google and without taking any of this more than 3 minutes to configure said tricks. Some will help you to arrive safer or to better locate yourself in an unknown city.

If you are one of those who uses Google Maps on a daily basis, save this article because you are going to use it much more than you think. By the way, nothing like seeing the Google Maps car accidentally run over a motorcycle in the middle of the savannah.

5 amazing things you can do with the Google app

Locate your friends: Like the Find My feature on Apple iPhones, Google Maps allows users to keep an eye on their friends. Whether they’re traveling alone at night or just trying to figure out where in the park they are.

To set it up, your friend has to open Google Maps on their phone, tap their profile picture, and click Share location in the menu. If you press Share location, you can choose with whom of your contacts to share it.

Use augmented reality (AR): When searching for addresses, users can choose an augmented reality (AR) version of Live View.

This means that the app doesn’t just give directions, it scans the surroundings to give users more details about the places they pass. This feature even highlights ATMs and other stops in real time.

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Customize the map: This feature is especially useful for planning trips. Users can mark the places they want to visit, whether it is a restaurant or a tourist spot, to facilitate the visit.

Google Maps allows groups to create markers together, so this feature is perfect for group travel. But it can also be used to mark favorite places in the area.

Users will need to open Google Maps on PC, click on the three lines in the upper left corner > Your Sites > Maps > Create Map.

google maps

Catch the last train: One of the most useful features of Google Maps is that it lets you know exactly when the last train or bus is leaving, and how to get there on time.

When entering the desired location, users must select Public Transportation in the app. Click “Leave now” and you will see the options “Leave at”, “Arrive at” or “Last available”.

By selecting the latest, users will receive a list of the last trains or buses they can catch before services cease until morning. However, you have to be careful. Although Google Maps is usually quite accurate, it may not detect time changes or last-minute cancellations.

google maps

Travel to the past: You’ll need a PC for this trick, but Google Maps can show users what places looked like up to a decade ago. Open Street View and you’ll see the date the current image was taken in the upper left corner.

To the right of the date, there is an option to view the most recent date. Some places only go back a few years, but it’s interesting to see how the streets evolve in a matter of years.

The time options indicate the number of times a Google Maps vehicle has passed through the area to photograph it. Places like Times Square in New York have more than a dozen examples, while more rural areas may only have been visited once.

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