"What if it's us, 500,000 years in the future?".  Steven Spielberg has never seen a UFO, but he is clear that something is cooking in our skies.

We live strange times. During the last month, several of the news items that have made the most prominent international headlines talked about mysterious balloons swarming through the skies, unidentified flying objects, and members of the US executive giving orders to destroy them to later leave in the air what could be extraterrestrial technology. This was the “roaring 20s”.

For a filmmaker like Steven Spielberg, who has already dealt with the subject of space visitors a couple of times with those two jewels entitled ‘ET, the extra-terrestrial’ and ‘Third Kind Encounters’, this scenario is breeding ground for fascinationand this has been demonstrated in the last program of The Late Show with Steven Colbert.

space men

There, King Midas of Hollywood has expressed his belief that, apart from espionage aircraft coming from enemy blocs, something more extraordinary is hidden.

“I’ve never seen a UFO. I wish I had! I’ve never seen anything I can’t explain. But I do believe some people who have seen things they can’t explain. I think what’s been going on lately is fascinating, totally fascinating And I think the secrecy that’s shrouding all these sightings and the lack of transparency… I think there’s something going on that requires extraordinary diligence.”

In addition, the director nominated for an Oscar for ‘Los Fabelmans’ spoke of the tiny probability that we are alone in the cosmos.

“I don’t think we’re alone in the universe. I think it’s mathematically impossible that we’re the only intelligent species in the cosmos. I think it’s totally impossible. At the same time, it also seems impossible that someone is going to visit us from 400 million light-years away — except in the movies, of course—even if he can think of a way to get here through wormholes.”

To finish, demonstrating what a creative mind like yours can give of itself, theorized about the true origin of the pilots of these UFOs —and no, they’re not big-headed little green men.

“The most optimistic thing I feel about these things that we see in the skies, that the Army, Navy and Air Force are recording with their cameras, is, what if they’re not from an advanced civilization 300 million light-years away? What if it’s us, 500,000 years in the future, going back to document the second half of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st because they’re anthropologists, and they know something that we still don’t quite know has happened, and they’re trying to record the last hundred years. years of our history”.

You have to love this man.

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