The whole story of the headphone guy who invaded TikTok (he's not a stranger)

The guy who bangs his headphones on the ground meme stars IShowSpeed. He is a youtuber with millions of followers already known for having received several bans from platforms, starting with Twitch.

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It doesn’t have a precise name yet but we could call it the “boy throwing headphones meme”. That’s how it works, even if explaining a meme is a bit like explain a joke. Everything is based on the moves of a boy who dances with headphones on a piece of One Kisssong sung by Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa. In the first moments he is happy and then suddenly he is gets nervous and throws the headphones to the ground. The base can be used for good amount of deals.

On TikTok Italy it’s going viral around the cities. For example. “I live in Milan”, with a map of Milan behind it, then a map of some neighboring city appears, for example Legnano, and the boy throw away the headphones. (We dissociate ourselves from any assessment of merit between the two cities). The pattern repeats itself for other situations: “I’m doing the experiments in the lab” versus “I’m writing the lab report” or “You’re enjoying your beach vacation” versus “Do you remember you have school in nine days”.

How to create the boy with headphones meme

To create this meme no virtual design skills are required. The effect of boy with headphones is a template of CapCutthe app forvideo editing which was developed by Byte Dance (the same company that created TikTok). If you find a video with this meme and want to take it too, just download the template, start the app CapCut and create a video with the backdrops you want.

Even the European Parliament blocks TikTok: “IT security problems”

Who is IShowSpeed, the protagonist of the meme

Sometimes the protagonists of memes are people with no prior fame. They suddenly find themselves on social media, basically without consent, and then they can be overwhelmed by fame or use their memes as springboard. The boy from “It’s corn!”, immortalized while he bit into a cob in ecstasybecame a corn ambassador in South Dakota.

In this case, however, the character is very well known. The guy with headphones is IShowSpeedto the century Darren Watkins Jr. IShowSpeed ​​is a creator with nearly 16 million channel subscribers YouTube and about 8.2 million followers on Instagram. Starting from video games it has become viral with its reactionstend to be exaggerated.

The page dedicated to him on the portal Know Your Meme it’s a fairly long list of bans, as well as memes. In 2021 it was banned from Twitch for sexist comments and never readmitted. While in 2022 it was banned from the video game Valorant for sexist comments. There is a clip posted by the esports commentator Jake Lucky in which IShowSpeed ​​yells more sexist insults at a player: “Is a female talking to me? Shut up. She stop playing and go wash your husband’s dishes ”.

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