The "gender gap" in the MIR and other stories
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An ESADE report has been made public in which it is stated and attempts are made to demonstrate that Medical students suffer the so-called “gender gap” in the MIR exam. I have downloaded and read it. There are nineteen pages that are not wasted. The reasons for the argument are as follows: the woman is more risk averse, leaves more questions blank, and this penalizes her. The girls, apparently, do not do well in the competition: “the more competitive the test, the worse the results tend to be compared to men, especially in the cases of better results”, says the report and adds that the same happens in the case of those who repeat the test, who increase their note less than men. It proposes, among other things, scoring differently so that women do better in this test.

The report was made public on March 7. A search on the net shows us a good group of media who practiced the legendary art of cutting and pasting the press release, some who reproduced the message with greater dignity and some distance and only one, specialized in medicine, who put the headline between some worthy questions. It’s a good piece of meat these days and here’s a shark that has taken the bait.

Perhaps women are not perfect beings and have room for improvement in some vital aspects as has always happened in the history of humanity.

Bluntly. The report borders on the insane. The first graph shows the results in the MIR exams from the year 2018 to 2022. It is explained that women were 65 percent of the people who appeared, an “interesting gap”. The bar graph represents the proportion of women according to their note and in all ranks exceeds fifty percent, but in the middle areas it is in seventy. The approach is condescending, paternalistic, macho and not at all egalitarian. Equal opportunities, equal rights, competitive competition disappear and what is sought is something else.

The report proposes changes in the way of evaluating and also requests that the MIR count less in the final grade. If it were a sociological or psychological document, it would be funny. Maybe the medical students could draw their own conclusions, perhaps women are not perfect beings and have room for improvement in some vital aspects as has always happened in the history of humanity. It is possible that so much generalization leads us to collective idiocy and that there are girls who play roulette in the exam with the Bic pen or answer the damn tests with the wise method of the whist whist whistle.

Statistically, men are more prone to alcohol, gambling, drugs, suicide, homicide, car accidents and sprained ankles at the party. It would be necessary to give them the exam in the afternoon in case they got complicated at night. Poor future doctors also have their gaps. For starters, they are 35 percent. Equality is equality. It will be difficult to defend against such stupidity.

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