The crisis of the only yes is yes cracks UP: "They want to enhance Irene to blackmail Yolanda"

Unidas Podemos has navigated for weeks with a seamless assumed strategy among all the political actors in space, despite the doubts that generated some the road map marked by Irene Montero. After the start of the processing of the PSOE unilateral bill to reform the only yes is yes, the formation looks into the abyss. Yolanda Diaz He agreed to second Montero and vote against the processing of the norm, although they will reproach him for not supporting the minister of Equality explicitly and the second vice president will be blurred. But they have already passed the equator of their journey. And the cracks begin to appear.

Different actors of the confederal parliamentary group They don’t know how to clarify which course they will follow to try to channel the situation and assure that they have not yet discussed it. Equality maintains that it wants a pact, but holds the PSOE responsible for that hypothetical agreement. Among the forces that make up Unidas Podemos, come almost impossible for Montero to move from his positions and there are leaders who appreciate in this determination a strategy to “enhance Irene”. A strategy, within the framework of the struggle that Podemos maintains with the promoter of Sumar, to put together a joint candidacy for the general elections that guarantees them a decisive weight. A roadmap, they say, for “Give him prominence, in order to negotiate with Yolanda via blackmail.”

The only yes is yes dilutes Yolanda Díaz as a peacemaker between the PSOE and Podemos

Alexander Lopez de Miguel

They even maintain that, in the event that there is no agreement in the face of the elections, this position of maximums would help Montero “to be able to compete better.” “With each play of these, Podemos moves away from the pact with Yolanda”, they abound. There are leaders who, days ago, They already discreetly warned that the approaches of PSOE and Unidas Podemos are not technically so different, but they chose to remain silent to respect the closing ranks with the Minister of Equality, unauthorized by Pedro Sánchez having to attend a modification of a law with his seal despite being against these changes. The number two team of Podemos denies the biggest: they rule out the fisutas, they remember that Díaz has assumed these positions – he voted against the PSOE reform, with the whole space -, and they deny that Montero acts by electoral calculation. If he defends this roadmap, they maintain, it is out of conviction.

Officially, all parties, including Díaz and Montero, They claim to want a pact. Even in the socialist wing of the Government there are those who recognize that in the previous stage of negotiation, number two of Podemos did not have, from the hands of the Minister of Justice, Pilar Llop, a political solution that would avoid the ‘divorce’ in the coalition, signed 24 hours after 8-M. That exit seems even more complicated today, given the trajectory followed up to here. The change of interlocutors in the PSOE has not served to avoid the clash.

Photo: The Ministers of Equality, Irene Montero (d), and Social Rights, Ione Belarra.  (EFE/Marshal)
The most difficult 8-M of Irene Montero: cornered and discredited by Moncloa

Alexander Lopez de Miguel

A deputy affirms that the Minister of Equality is not going to move from her positions, that she looks strong despite the criticism, because she is speaking to the bases of her formation, to the most faithful purple voter. “I think Irene is reinforced in its strategy because it believes that it is winningbut at the same time he is afraid of what could happen and that it will get out of hand,” admits a leader. In UP, they point to the efforts in the media and social networks of the purple address, as well as the former secretary general Pablo Iglesias, for extolling Montero’s leadership and determination. “To distinguish and stand out”, abound.

From the environment of Díaz, they slipped days ago that the origin of the dispute is political, not technical, but also that, as a “democrat”, the second vice president has chosen to second Montero. The role of Díaz, who has been avoiding a clear statement for weeks, is very complicated, as all the actors from United We Can admit, but also from the PSOE, which these days has criticized the inaction of the vice president. If he distances himself from the Minister of Equality, he can sign the death sentence of the political space two and a half months from the municipal and regional ones, but if he does not intervene, the tension in the coalition can reach extremes never seen before, and it is already marking highs.

Photo: Irene Montero receives the Equality portfolio from the former Vice President of the Government Carmen Calvo, at the beginning of the legislature.  (Reuters/Susana Vera)
From Carmen Calvo to Irene Montero: the battle for the feminist vote clouds the 8-M

ivan gil

On Thursday, after concluding the plenary session, Díaz, the minister Joan Subirats and other leaders of Unidas Podemos met for a few minutes in one of the rooms attached to the chamber. Parliamentary Speaker, Pablo Echenique, could not attend the plenary session and was not present, nor were the ministers of United We Can. When leaving, none of them wanted to make statements or provide details. One of the attendees at this meeting assured that the second vice president transferred them “some relevant information”; another, that they gave an account of the progress of initiatives in process such as the gag law, and a third referred, in general, that they briefly addressed some pending issues, without specificity. From one of the forces represented, it was specified that the meeting was improvised after the departure of the Minister of Universitieswhose law was definitively approved in plenary.

During the afternoon, there was a new coordination meeting, this time with the presence of leaders of Podemos. On this occasion, the parties report that they addressed the negotiation on the pension reform, without clarifying whether they delved into the hot potato for the political space, the elephant in the room that has become what was the star standard of the Ministry of Equality.

The PSOE believes that they will not present their own amendment

For their part, PSOE sources assured this Thursday that the agreement seems very difficult, and until they wait for Unidas Podemos to present its own amendment to the socialist law proposal. That would require make your proposal public, something that the purple ones have not wanted to contemplate to date, and the majority partner questions its technical quality, challenging them to reveal it. The Chief Executive himself has challenged them to make it known. The purples criticize that they have already sent up to a dozen proposals to the Socialists, without them agreeing to move from their positions.

Photo: Pedro Sánchez during his entrance to the European Council in Brussels.  (EFE/Stephanie Lecocq)
Sánchez ratifies his “trust” in Montero and rules out the breakdown of the coalition despite the crisis for the only yes is yes

Nacho Alarcon. Brussels

Another thing is, they explained from the majority party, that another group ERC or EH Bildu decides to present an amendment, and that the minority partner joins. The support of these two allies of the investiture bloc has been one of UP’s assets to put pressure on the PSOE, and today the Socialists maintain that this move is no longer of any use, that the priority is to carry out the reform and that public opinion public is in this thesis. Even if it is with the endorsement of the PP.

And, as far as Podemos is concerned, although they believe that the agreement is desirable, the margin to achieve it is millimeter. They interpret that Montero is going to fight to “save” his law until the end, and they emphasize that Equality does not recognize errors in the norm: they continue to blame a “minority” of judges for applying it erroneously, and the Prosecutor’s Office has just thrown a new cape on them. It is more difficult for them to anticipate Díaz’s movements, but they agree on the diagnosis of different UP actors: his role is tremendously complicated. Nor does Montero have many options.

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