"That's it"  : Danielle Moreau releases a live pregnancy test in TPMP

Danielle Moreau surprised Cyril Hanouna live this Thursday, March 9. The columnist took out a pregnancy test.

It is a bet that has not gone unnoticed. On February 15, it was a very sure of himself Cyril Hanouna who was present on the set of Do not touch My friend. The day after Paris-Saint-Germain’s defeat against Bayern-Munich in the Champions League, the host assured that Christophe Galtier’s team would qualify for the second leg. “I tell the viewers, if PSG don’t qualify, on the head of a stray cat, I ken Danielle”, he had launched before continuing: “I’m very, very sure of myself.” The return match took place on Wednesday March 8 and Paris-Saint-Germain… did not qualify. The Bayern Munich team won it 2-0 and the columnists were anxiously waiting to find out how the evening went. “As he is an animal, even in his room, I told myself that he always hit the mark so I checked this morning“Danielle Moreau began before taking out a pregnancy test.”That’s it, the little one is on the way“, she said, delighted. A joke that amused the columnists a lot.

When the show started, it was Matthieu Delormeau who greeted viewers. “We are living through a tragic moment… You know, Cyril had made a bet“, he began before recalling: “If PSG lost, he had to, in his words, knock out Danielle“. But what happened following the defeat of Paris-Saint-Germain? “PSG lost and a lot of questions arise since we haven’t seen either of them since last night“, continues Matthieu Delormeau before adding: “What happened ? Is Danielle pregnant? Did she have an orgasm? A child ? And above all this question, did Cyril have a hard-on? We investigated a lot.”. After giving the floor to Myriam Palomba, it was Cyril Hanouna who landed on the set. The host was in FaceTime with Gad Elmaleh. “He asked me to come back because he finds that the sequences are drunk“, he said. A reflection that greatly annoyed Matthieu Delormeau. “I didn’t take an extra euro for this sequence“, he lamented.

Cyril Hanouna: has he made his bet with Danielle Moreau?

This bet, Cyril Hanouna absolutely wanted to escape it. He first explained that he had “Nasser on the phone. I told him that I was entrusted for March 8“. A few days later, the host of C8 had invited all the columnists to come and see the match in his apartment. “I feel like really, I’m telling you, I’m gonna slip through the clutches of this cougar, really“, he said, to the laughter of the public and the columnists before adding: “I’m not kidding, on March 8, we all watch the game together. It’s mandatory and it’s mine. I invite you all“. However, according to the words of Danielle Moreau, this bet has indeed taken place. “come here baby“said Cyril Hanouna to Danielle Moreau while he was in Facetime with Gad Elmaleh.You know I caught Danielle. It’s my girl, that’s it. I put you at a nice table at the wedding“, he concluded under the laughter of the comedian.

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