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The followers of Tania Llasera They are used to the presenter speaking naturally about all kinds of topics. Bilbao’s He has always used his speaker to talk about those things that matter to him and on which they like to reflect. The relationship with one’s own body is one of them: Tania considers herself a supporter of the so-called ‘body neutrality’, and she understands that she does not always have to love her physique. She also her real motherhood, giving visibility to her bad moments as her mother. Now, on the occasion of March 8Llasera has attended the demonstrations for the first time in defense of women’s rights. And he has explained in his networks why.

The viral video of Tania Llasera normalizing wearing diapers during her period

Tania’s networks, interviews and public appearances make it very clear that Tania’s mother pepe bowie and Lucia Lennox always has committed to the feminist cause. The presenter has shown it on countless occasions with her words and her deeds. But, as she herself has explained on her social networks, until now I had never attended the marches convened on International Women’s Day. Until yesterday. The Basque woman has joined the purple tide for the first time, in which she is its first manifestation in more than three decades.

Specifically, since she participated, as a child, in one in memory of Miguel Ángel Blanco, an Ermua councilor assassinated by ETA in 1997. Tania has pointed out that one day she will tell how she lived through the times of terrorism in the Basque Country as a young woman, but, above all, he wanted to explain the reasons why you decided to change your mind and join these marches on the occasion of Women’s Day.

Why had Tania Llasera never attended the Women’s Day demonstration?

As reported, there are two main reasons that have prompted Tania to make this decision. “Finally, at my tender 43 years, I am losing my fear”, has counted in his stories. “The fear of demonstrating, of talking about my rights and the rights of women, of talking about politics,” she has opened up.

The reasons why Tania Llasera had never demonstrated on March 8

The reasons why Tania Llasera had never demonstrated on March 8INSTAGRAM

Llasera has located the origin in the repressed society in which he grew up during his childhoodthat of Euskadi in the 80s and 90s. In addition, to Tania He doesn’t like crowds, which tend to overwhelm him, although he admits that yesterday he felt comfortable. And he wanted to share his first impressions of him with his parish.

Tania Llasera, at the demonstration on March 8, in an image from her Instagram

Tania Llasera, at the demonstration on March 8, in an image from her InstagramINSTAGRAM

I was delighted to see that the young girls were aroused, that passion that is lost with age. I loved being part of the purple tide”, he has opened up, revealing the impact generated by some of the messages he read on banners and posters carried by the protesters, which made him learn facts that he did not know.

Tania Llasera responds to criticism for having attended the March 8 marches

But this decision by Tania has not been without criticism. As she herself has told on Instagram, she has received messages offending him for having participated in the demonstration: “I didn’t think you were one of those feminists who demonstrate in the streets”, says one of them.

And the presenter wanted to state the reasons why it is still necessary to vindicate women’s rights in an applauded post. “The # 8M is not really a celebration, it is rather a day of union against the injustices that almost all of us suffer due to our gender,” she has assured.

Llasera has also taken advantage of its networks to defend a discourse of inclusion, supporting trans women at all times, one of the points on which the feminist division is currently structured. “Let’s stop being our own worst enemies, let’s unite!”, She has reflected, vindicating the union when it comes to fighting for real equality.

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