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Instagram is one of the most popular social networking applications where people can share their photos and videos with almost anyone. It currently has over a billion accounts registered on this platform which was first launched in 2010 and then bought by Facebook in 2012.

However, sometimes you may be interested view instagram posts of a certain person in a more discreet way. However, the easiest way to do it is with an Instagram account and your own profile that exposes you. This will allow you access the other person’s Instagram content without following them (if its public profile), yes, but it’s not what you’re looking for.

In general, the Stories of Instagram are visible to the user’s followers and the people they follow. This means that when someone views one, their username is visible in the viewers list to everyone else who has access. This can be problematic for some users who want to remain anonymous when viewing other people’s Stories.

However, Is it possible to see Instagram stories without an account and without being seen? The quick answer is yes., although you will have limited access to the Instagram account you want to see. ‘Stories IG’ it’s a stalker Instagram account that you can use for this purpose.

You can access it by going to its website and of course you won’t need an account to use this service, since it allows you to easily navigate through the Instagram accounts and, as the name suggests, you will be able to see the Stories (and more) of whoever you want without being discovered.

StoriesIG: how to see Instagram Stories without an account, step by step:

So you can see the Instagram Stories of a user without an account and without being seen

The truth is that this website online it’s really quite simple though you will have to deal with a lot of publicity. First, you will need to go to their home page and in the Username field, type the one of the person whose stories you want to see. Then click ‘Submit’ to start the search and identify the public profile you are interested in. stalk.

It is important to clarify here that you should not include the @ followed by the username. Just writing the latter is enough. Once you have given ‘Send’, you must go to the bottom of the screen and you will see how your profile appears directly to you.


Once inside, you can download any content you want to see, be it Stories, Profile Highlights, IGTV or Reels. This will automatically go to your Downloads folder and from there you will be able to see the content you want without the user knowing that you saw it. As you can see and it was announced at the beginning, the access is not complete.

As the developers of this website explain, to ensure that StoriesIG remains secure and private, use standard SSL encryption technology that encrypts all information sent over the Internet so that only authorized persons can access it.

They also have strict guidelines for user security that include blocking any suspicious activity before it happens and alerting them if something happens on any account linked to StoriesIG. Qualify that only this option for view instagram stories without having an account It is available on the web and does not have an application for Android or iOS.

Another way to stalk the Stories of a user: Imginn

On the other hand, it should also be noted Imginnthat allows you to access and download other people’s Instagram posts and videos.

You don’t need an account on this site to use its services, as in the previous case, although it makes excessive use of ads (again) that make the experience unpleasant. But hey, something bad would have to have.


In general, both StoriesIG and Imginn are amazing ways to navigate through Instagram Stories without compromising your privacy or security thanks to its advanced security protocols and encryption technology, which help you stay up to date on what’s happening on Instagram with a few simple steps.

Nor is it recommended that you spend all day hiding and spying on the activity of other Instagram profiles, but it is undeniable that everyone has fallen into curiosity at some point.

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