Between licensed cars like the batmobilesportswomen like the Honda Civic Type R and the supercars of the temper of Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4, Rocket League got us used to nice cars. He will nevertheless eye new horizons with her Season 10which will allow us to unlock a Golf II GTI. This is a model RLE Tuningwhich will be up for grabs exclusively through the Rocket Pass Premium and which should have its effect during your games.

There Season 10 introduced otherwise the map Deadeye Canyon (Oasis)a free rewards trail with many cosmetics to glean and an average waiting time counter for each playlist of the moment. A special event also seems to be looming in a few weeks, to be continued.

Lost long ago, a secret treasure lay in the shifting sands of Deadeye Canyon, preserved from the ravages of time…until recently. Amazed explorers have stumbled across this preserved sanctuary, marveling at this time capsule home to exotic wildlife and botanical wonders. The heart of the desert seems to be beating again, revived by an ancient spell.

Season 10 invites you to come to a standstill: rest, relax and collect a multitude of objects! Enjoy Rocket Pass with confidence, explore the new Oasis arena variant, and take a spin in the legendary Volkswagen Golf II GTI.

Season 10 begins Wednesday, March 8!

Lush vegetation has invaded the desert, and the most beautiful plant this season is none other than the Volkswagen Golf GTI! The Golf GTI, a timeless classic loved by all, is featured in Rocket League with an Octane hitbox. The base car is available immediately in Rocket Pass Premium, but players who manage to level up will also earn the Volkswagen Golf GTI RLE tuning! Both cars feature realistic wheels to complete their unmistakable style.

Once inside your new ride, you’ll need items to go with it!

Leave your roaring engines in the garage, and soothe your weary teammates with Tranquil and Serenity engine sounds. Prefer to feed the beast? The Primitive SpotDot sticker is for you.

For players who want to maintain perfect balance, the realistic Whip Antenna is centered at the rear of the car, not to the side as usual. Channel your energy into the Lotus Bloom Goal Blast during your search for serenity, or leave a trail of fireflies behind with the Glister Trail. Look, I caught one!

With a wide variety of earth-themed paint jobs, colorful wheels, and stickers inspired by the wonders of nature, the Season 10 Rocket Pass will send you positive vibes all season long.

Deadeye Canyon doesn’t look so dead lately. Fauna and flora have suddenly proliferated, turning our once arid wasteland into a new arena: Deadeye Canyon (Oasis)!

You will likely hear a new tune echoing in your throat as you explore. This is oasis, zensei ゼンセー, originally composed to punctuate the Season 10 gameplay trailer above! Listen to the full track in-game with Rocket League Radio, or set it as the player anthem a few hours after the season begins.

These new tournament rewards will help you calm down after a tough game. Equip yourself with the Scalescore sticker and sneak your way to success, or enjoy an organic lunch break with the Ramen Bowl accessory. This season is certainly placed under the sign of relaxation, but that’s no reason to daydream! Hold on to the floating Spaceman Antenna to keep your mind on the ground when your thoughts wander.

Do you feel lucky? With this season’s Black Market rewards, including the eight-sided Polyhedral Goal Blast, you’ll get a critical hit.

At the start of this new season, your Season 9 tournament credits will be reset. Players who participated in Competitive Tournaments during Season 9 will receive an All-Stars Cup as a reward. Players’ remaining Tournament Credits will turn into a reward: the highest possible based on their rank and Tournament Credit balance. This conversion will happen automatically when you first log in during Season 10.

A while ago, we changed the display of the playlist populator to “good”, “great” or “amazing”. But most of you didn’t find it good, great, or amazing… So we’re excited to introduce our new average wait time counter, an “Average Wait Time Counter” ! From now on, players will be able to see the estimated waiting time before finding their next game. This timer will be visible from the “Game Finder” screen after choosing your playlist.

Can’t see your meter? In some situations, estimated waiting times may not be available, such as when releasing new time-limited modes.

Your favorite behind-the-scenes Rocket League video series is back with a new episode! Ever wondered what happens when recording engine sounds in Rocket League? You will quickly find out thanks to our talented audio team at Psyonix! The episode premieres March 9 on the official Rocket League YouTube channel!

The regenerative powers of the oasis seem to spread beyond Deadeye Canyon. Garages around the world have reported a massive influx of cars into once barren land. Hmm. Perhaps a few weeks inside the Psyonix meditation cave will shed some light.

What are you waiting for to find your little corner of paradise? Season 10 begins Wednesday, March 8!

There Season 10 is expected to last until June 7, 2023, before an inevitable Season 11 with always more additional content.

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