Paola Turci reveals how she met Francesca Pascale: "Francesca Fagnani acted as a hook"

Paola Turci, guest of Stasera c’è Cattelan, told how the love story with Francesca Pascale was born. Journalist Francesca Fagnani played a role, albeit unconsciously.

Paola Turci she told herself in the episode of Cattelan is here tonight broadcast on Wednesday 8 March. The artist has clarified that she doesn’t particularly like to talk about hers private life. However, she agreed to hint at hers marriage with Francesca Pascale. She revealed how they met and how much excessive media attention annoys her.

Paola Turci has suffered from excessive media exposure

First of all, Paola Turci clarified that it was not easy for her to deal with excessive media exposure. Although she wanted to live her relationship with Francesca Pascale in the most absolute confidentiality, she too was accused of wanting to show off her private life. Nothing further from reality:

The thing I suffered the most in these years of unsolicited attention was reading: “But why do you want to show yourself so much?”. It was just the opposite, it was the others who morbidly wanted to search, understand, see, know, frame, photograph. For us there was just no such will. But even if it had been Mario Rossi, it would have been the same for me. I find it hard to talk about my stories, about the love that concerns me.

How did you know Francesca Pascale

For the first time, she unbuttoned her relationship with Francesca Pascale. She told how she met her. The first meeting took place at a concert of hers, her current wife was a fan of hers. However, Francesca Fagnani also played an unwitting role in this love story:

Francesca Fagnani co-host of the Sanremo Festival, the announcement of Amadeus to Viva Rai2

Francesca was my fan. We met at one of my concerts. However, I must confess one thing. Francesca Fagnani, despite her, acted as a hook. You interviewed Francesca Pascale for Il Fatto Quotidiano. I read that interview, I’m talking about three years ago, and I was struck. Francesca wasn’t on my radar, among other things I thought Francesca Pascale was someone else, a spokesperson, because she didn’t show up often. When I read that interview and saw the picture, I thought, “She’s pretty and smart too.” Then, I learn that she would have come to the concert in Turin. I knew she was there and was quite flustered. I went on stage at the Colosseum Theater in Turin and the power went out. I didn’t know what to do, but I said to myself: “Now I can’t make a fool of myself ** in front of her and in front of everyone”. We had a five-minute concert with no audio, then they restored it.

Then he revealed that after that meeting there was no long courtship: “It all happened immediately and it was mutual.”. Finally, he spoke of the marriage celebrated on July 2: “We would never have posted the photos of the wedding, which in our case is called a civil union, I went to see some papers and it said “civilized”, come on. However, I said that we hadn’t really thought of such a thing, public. But two days before July 2, the day we got married, the newspapers got wind of it. There were 25 people at the wedding – the closest relatives“.

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