Oh my gosh!  WWE would seek to implement bets in agreed fights

It is no secret to anyone that wrestling is real, at least the blows, the training, the falls and the injuries; but, the results are not as real as we think neither in WWE nor in AEW nor in AAA.

None of the wrestling companies in the world offer their fans real results about fighting in the ring, because many of these are agreed before getting into the ring.

War Games in the new WWE 2K23 video game
Image from the video game ‘WWE 2K23’ – Photo: Screenshot

Sorry that we are breaking the hearts of some fans, but not even the companies themselves have denied this, quite the contrary, especially WWE.

And how WWE is a monster when it comes to businessis pointing to a new one that has to do with sports betting and agreed fights.

How is all that? And it sounds like a joke, but it may not be. He NY Post mentions that There are reports that WWE is considering these bets in their fights.

Vince McMahon, owner of WWE
Vince McMahon, owner of WWE – Photo: Getty Images

WWE’s curious idea about sports betting

Vince McMahon is the controversial man in the world of wrestling, because one day he may be accused of sexual scandals, another leaving WWE completely and in another, return to the company to resume his role.

His last return was supposed to it was to be aware of the negotiations on a possible sale of WWE and that his role would have nothing to do with creative development in the company.

Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeero, that seems to not be fulfilled because the idea of ​​sports betting in WWE is his. According to information from the NY Post, Vince presented a plan so that you can bet on his company.

Super Bowl betting slips
Sports betting tickets – Photo: Getty Images

Basically the plan is that an accounting firm guarantees the results already agreed in the WWE and that all the results from before remain in total secret until I finished the event.

This way, the only ones who would know about the results before the fight would be the wrestlers themselves, the WWE people and the accounting firmso that there are no fraudulent themes.

Do you think it’s a good idea for WWE to get into sports betting with all that that entails? And if so, you have to break the piggy bank to put more money into the account.

Scandal!  The reason why Vince McMahon is no longer the CEO of WWE
Vince McMahon and his idea of ​​sports betting in WWE – Photo: Getty Images

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