The social media platform TikTok is known for regularly setting new trends in the world. But this new TikTok trend seems to focus not on dances but on product reviews.

The new counter-movement “deinfluencing”

The hashtag “deinfluencing” is a new viral trend on TikTok, under which many users honestly review products. The reviews mostly revolve around cosmetic products that have already been praised by other influencers.

As a result, deinfluencing represents a kind of counter-movement to influencer marketing. In influencer marketing, influencers with a large reach present a product and thus sell it to their followers. However, since they often earn money for it, you never know for sure whether the product is being shown truthfully or whether it is just a posed advertisement.

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How exactly is the trend going?

Videos under the hashtag are all designed differently. Some users focus primarily on a brand or a specific product, while others generally comment on different products.

But what exactly is being criticized now? Most influencers advise against certain products because of the expensive price. However, they always present the followers with a cheaper variant that does the same thing as the branded product. Other users criticize the quality of certain products to save them from making the wrong purchase.

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Defluencing has a positive effect on consumer behavior

The past few months have been tough times for the population: high inflation and rising living costs are just the tip of the iceberg. According to media reports, the new trend can also be explained precisely by these events.

Defluencing seems to be a first step in the right direction. But how is it supposed to go on now? Since the TikTok trend advises against expensive branded products for the time being, the more conscious consumer behavior can also be transferred to other areas. In this way, consumers can question their consumption more and thus save money.

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