It is not normal

Iberoamerican University of Puebla and University of Guadalajara.

What is happening is not normal. It is not normal and we cannot get used to that life in Mexico. No matter how much it happens, no matter how hard you try to normalize, we cannot get used to it or fall into another “normality” that is far from humane, democratic, and acceptable. We can’t get used to:

· That gender-based violence in all its forms is common and daily in our society.

· That more than eight women continue to be murdered daily for reasons of gender and that between two and three of them are done with extreme cruelty.

· That the inequitable treatment of women continue to be a constant at work, at home, in politics, in entertainment, in all areas.

And we can’t get used to:

· That the president daily attacks the judges for issuing sentences contrary to his wishes, but that adhere to the law and the Constitution, and especially the offenses against the president of the Supreme Court of Justice.

· That the Secretary of National Defense, and by extension the President of the Republic, carry out espionage against civilian activists, journalists and other characters, not to take care of the country or our sovereignty, but to protect themselves from the scandal of public opinion for having committed atrocities.

· That the rampant corruption in the circles close to the current president, especially López Obrador, Peña Nieto and Calderón, occurs with impunity and in any case, the corrupt are brought to justice abroad.

· That the government uses the instruments of the State to accumulate power and damage our democracy.

· That the government itself destroys the country’s natural heritage, such as in the Yucatan peninsula, or in Dos Bocas, Tabasco, with the desire to build projects of questionable economic and social profitability, contrary to the decision of judges and in full view of all of us.

· That the Mexican State increasingly renounces control of its territory and cedes sovereignty to criminal groups.

· That the Armed Forces control the strategic functions of the State, such as public security, the internal transit of people and goods, the skies for civil activities, the finances of the ISSSTE and a long etcetera.

· That Mexico is the most dangerous country to carry out activities of journalism and activism for human rights in countries that are not at war.

· That only a minimal fraction of the crimes perpetrated in the country be brought to trial, with the consequent increase in impunity.

· That economic resources are wasted without modesty or accountability such as the cancellation of the NAIM, the disappearance of trusts, the failed transformation of the health system, pharaonic works with low social and economic profitability.

· That there is a permanent shortage of medicines, from vaccines to those required for the treatment of cancer and other chronic diseases.

· That more than 750,000 Mexicans have died in recent years above the average of the last four years.

· That the government eliminate the publication of books to be used in schools that come from authors and publishers that, fulfilling the educational objectives, present different points of view.

· That the government attacks scientists, academic and scientific institutions, and science itself with the argument that they are “neoliberals.” Term that he himself and his followers have not understood.

· That political parties do not incorporate citizens and fail in their primary task of being public bodies that channel citizen demands into political options.

· That transportation to our workplaces be the period of time in which we are most at risk and in danger of being robbed.

· That polarization has divided families, disrupted affective ties and friendship, that prevents us from living with those who before could do so without fear of confrontation.

And so we can continue the list. It is long and painful. It is not normal that these terrible situations and many others are occurring in our country, among us, and that it seems that this is the new way of living together, of living in our country. No, it’s not normal. Where was civility, respect for the law, for the rules and for others? Where is the tolerance for what is different, for those who think differently from me? How can we live in peace if we do not respect each other, nor do we respect the rules that we have given ourselves precisely to live in peace and settle conflicts peacefully?

What is happening is not normal and Mexico, as it is, hurts and hurts a lot.

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